How to Apply

John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation – The Online Application

The John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation decided to suspend its Latin American and Caribbean competition for the year 2016 while we examine the workings and efficacy of the program.  The U.S. and Canadian competition is unaffected by this suspension.

The application submission deadline for the 2016 United States and Canada competition has passed, and new applications can no longer be created at this time. The results will be announced in April 2016.

If you are interested in applying in the upcoming 2017 United States and Canada competition, applications will be available on this page in July 2016.

Further details regarding the application process can be found in Application Resources, Submission Materials and the Guide to the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Online Application.

Important Notes

Persons who have already received a Guggenheim Fellowship are not eligible to apply for another.

Guggenheim Fellowships are not available for the creation of residencies, curriculum development, or any type of educational program, nor are they available to support the development of websites or blogs.

Our awards are intended for individuals only; they are not available to organizations, institutions, or groups.

We regret that our awards are not available to support the writing of literature for children or young readers.

Anthology, oral history, e-book, or textbook projects are not supported by our awards.

Published writing not regarded as appropriate for our competition includes self-published works, publications for which the author has paid, and publications by publishers who do not engage in a process of critical review of submitted work. In addition, genre work (e.g., mysteries, romance, fantasy, etc.) is considered not competitive.

For all writers, if you have mainly published in periodicals, or on websites, it might be premature for you to apply here at this stage of your career, given the rigorous nature of our competition.

The Foundation reserves the right to withdraw from consideration any application deemed not appropriate for our competition.