Lynn Avery Hunt

1982 - US & Canada Competition
Humanities - French History


Lynn Hunt is Eugen Weber Professor of Modern European History at UCLA.  She has her B.A. from Carleton College (1967) and her M.A. (1968) and Ph.D. (1973) from Staford University.  Before going to UCLA she taught at the University of Pennsylvania (1987-1998) and the University of California, Berkeley (1974-1987).  She has published three scholarly books on the French Revolution and a jointly authored work on historical epistemology (Telling the Truth about History).  Her most recent books are Inventing Human Rights (2007) and Measuring Time, Making History (2008).  In addition, she has edited or co-edited collections on historical method, especially cultural history, the history of eroticism, the modern origins of pornography, and human rights; published a western civilization textbook and a textbook on the French Revolution (with a cd-rom and a website); and perpared and translated a collection of documents on human rights and the French Revolution.  Her books have been translated into French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Turkish, Portuguese, Chinese, Spanish and Polish.  She was President of the American Historical Association in 2002 and is a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and the American Philosophical Society.

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