Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Hong Ma 2004 Natural Sciences Plant Sciences
Peter Maass 2012 Creative Arts General Nonfiction
Arthur Maass 1954 Social Sciences Political Science
Joaquín Maass y Patiño 1938 Natural Sciences Medicine and Health
Fiona Maazel 2017 Creative Arts Fiction
Tom J. Mabry 1971 Natural Sciences Plant Sciences
Taylor Mac 2016 Creative Arts Drama and Performance Art
Saunders Mac Lane 1947 Natural Sciences Mathematics
Saunders Mac Lane 1982 Natural Sciences Mathematics
Jackson Mac Low 1985 Creative Arts Poetry
Thomas S. Macaulay 1984 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Robie Macauley 1964 Creative Arts Fiction
Isabel Gamble MacCaffrey 1971 Humanities Literary Criticism
Wallace T. MacCaffrey 1956 Humanities British History
Wallace T. MacCaffrey 1982 Humanities British History
Jorge Macchi 2001 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Atilio Macchiavello Varas 1934 Natural Sciences Medicine and Health
Atilio Macchiavello Varas 1935 Natural Sciences Medicine and Health
Carol Cook MacClintock 1962 Humanities Music Research
Sabine G. MacCormack 1999 Humanities Iberian and Latin American History
Dwight Macdonald 1963 Creative Arts General Nonfiction
Michael MacDonald 1984 Humanities British History
Cynthia Macdonald 1983 Creative Arts Poetry