On April 6, 2017, the Board of Trustees of the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation approved the awarding of 173 Guggenheim Fellowships to a diverse group of scholars, artists, and scientists. Appointed on the basis of prior achievement and exceptional promise, the successful candidates were chosen from a group of almost 3,000 applicants in the Foundation’s ninety-third competition.

Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Ehab Abouheif 2017Natural SciencesMolecular and Cellular Biology
Eric Agol 2017Natural SciencesAstronomy and Astrophysics
Robert Aronowitz 2017HumanitiesHistory of Science, Technology and Economics
John Aylward 2017Creative ArtsMusic Composition
Kevin Baker 2017Creative ArtsGeneral Nonfiction
Edward E. Baptist 2017HumanitiesU.S. History
Signe Baumane 2017Creative ArtsFilm - Video
Mark R. Beissinger 2017Social SciencesPolitical Science
Marina Berio 2017Creative ArtsPhotography
B. Andrei Bernevig 2017Natural SciencesPhysics
Oscar Bettison 2017Creative ArtsMusic Composition
Dániel Péter Biró 2017Creative ArtsMusic Composition
Emily Rapp Black 2017Creative ArtsGeneral Nonfiction
David Blei 2017Natural SciencesStatistics
Michelle Boisseau 2017Creative ArtsPoetry
Derek Boshier 2017Creative ArtsFine Arts
Robin Broad 2017Social SciencesGeography and Environmental Studies
Wendy Brown 2017Social SciencesPolitical Science
Holly Brubach 2017Creative ArtsBiography
Kathe Burkhart 2017Creative ArtsFine Arts
Mary F. Calvert 2017Creative ArtsPhotography
Zackary Canepari 2017Creative ArtsFilm - Video
Mahir Cetiz 2017Creative ArtsMusic Composition
Mark A. Chancey 2017HumanitiesReligion
Victoria Chang 2017Creative ArtsPoetry
Mahwish Chishty 2017Creative ArtsFine Arts
William F. Church 1945HumanitiesFrench History
William F. Church 1948HumanitiesFrench History
William F. Church 1953HumanitiesFrench History
Julia A. Clancy-Smith 2017HumanitiesIntellectual and Cultural History
Daniel W. Coburn 2017Creative ArtsPhotography
Margaret Cohen 2017HumanitiesIntellectual and Cultural History
Linda Colley 2017Social SciencesConstitutional Studies
Rita Copeland 2017HumanitiesMedieval and Renaissance Literature
John E. Cort 2017HumanitiesSouth Asian Studies
Cindy Cox 2017Creative ArtsMusic Composition
Michael David-Fox 2017HumanitiesEuropean and Latin American History
Kevin Davies 2017Natural SciencesScience Writing
Joseph DeLappe 2017Creative ArtsFine Arts
Matthew Delmont 2017HumanitiesU.S. History
Lesley Dill 2017Creative ArtsFine Arts
Harry Dodge 2017Creative ArtsFine Arts
Jonathan H. Ebel 2017HumanitiesReligion
Eugenio Espinoza 2017Creative ArtsFine Arts
Brian Evenson 2017Creative ArtsFiction
Gil Eyal 2017Social SciencesSociology
Susan Faludi 2017Creative ArtsGeneral Nonfiction
Nancy Foner 2017Social SciencesSociology
Ashley Fure 2017Creative ArtsMusic Composition
Keely Garfield 2017Creative ArtsChoreography
Masha Gessen 2017Creative ArtsGeneral Nonfiction
Bryan Gick 2017HumanitiesLinguistics
Ken Gonzales-Day 2017Creative ArtsPhotography
Annie Gosfield 2017Creative ArtsMusic Composition
Tom Griffiths 2017Social SciencesPsychology
Jennifer Grotz 2017Creative ArtsPoetry
Julie Guthman 2017Social SciencesGeography and Environmental Studies
Alec Hall 2017Creative ArtsMusic Composition
Laura Ann Harrison 2017Creative ArtsFilm - Video
Matthea Harvey 2017Creative ArtsPoetry
Jochen Hellbeck 2017HumanitiesEuropean and Latin American History
Keith Hennessy 2017Creative ArtsChoreography
Adam Herring 2017HumanitiesFine Arts Research
Elana Herzog 2017Creative ArtsFine Arts
Nicholas A. Hill 2017Creative ArtsFine Arts
Shelley Hirsch 2017Creative ArtsMusic Composition
Joel Hoffman 2017Creative ArtsMusic Composition
Stefan-Ludwig Hoffmann 2017HumanitiesEuropean and Latin American History
Thomas K. Hubbard 2017HumanitiesClassics
Michelle Huneven 2017Creative ArtsFiction
Samantha Hunt 2017Creative ArtsFiction
Heather Hurst 2017Social SciencesAnthropology and Cultural Studies
Ishion Hutchinson 2017Creative ArtsPoetry
Thilde Jensen 2017Creative ArtsPhotography
Kirsten Johnson 2017Creative ArtsFilm - Video
Susan D. Jones 2017HumanitiesHistory of Science, Technology and Economics
Peter J. Kalliney 2017HumanitiesLiterary Criticism
Byron Kim 2017Creative ArtsFine Arts
Heidi Kitrosser 2017Social SciencesLaw
Philip Klay 2017Creative ArtsFiction
Carson Kreitzer 2017Creative ArtsDrama and Performance Art
Mike Kuchar 2017Creative ArtsFilm - Video
Aaron Landsman 2017Creative ArtsDrama and Performance Art
Adriaan Lanni 2017HumanitiesClassics
Leigh Ledare 2017Creative ArtsPhotography
Cin-Ty Lee 2017Natural SciencesEarth Science
Jennie Jieun Lee 2017Creative ArtsFine Arts
Daniel A. Lidar 2017Natural SciencesEngineering
Jen Liu 2017Creative ArtsFilm - Video
John W. Love Jr. 2017Creative ArtsFine Arts
James Luna 2017Creative ArtsFine Arts
Michael Lundgren 2017Creative ArtsPhotography
Fiona Maazel 2017Creative ArtsFiction
Cynthia Madansky 2017Creative ArtsFilm - Video
Alexander Maksik 2017Creative ArtsFiction
Ulrike Malmendier 2017Social SciencesEconomics
Sharon Marcus 2017HumanitiesIntellectual and Cultural History
Rogelio Martinez 2017Creative ArtsDrama and Performance Art
Cheryl Mattingly 2017Social SciencesAnthropology and Cultural Studies
Davis McCombs 2017Creative ArtsPoetry
Michael D. McNally 2017HumanitiesReligion
Amanda Means 2017Creative ArtsPhotography
Yvonne Meier 2017Creative ArtsChoreography
Shari Mendelson 2017Creative ArtsFine Arts
Antonio Méndez Esparza 2017Creative ArtsFilm - Video
David Mikics 2017Creative ArtsGeneral Nonfiction
Daniel J. Mindiola 2017Natural SciencesChemistry
Cheryl Misak 2017HumanitiesIntellectual and Cultural History
Armin P. Moczek 2017Natural SciencesOrganismic Biology & Ecology
Ander Monson 2017Creative ArtsGeneral Nonfiction
Margaret Morrison 2017HumanitiesPhilosophy
Benjamin Moser 2017Creative ArtsGeneral Nonfiction
Hiroshi Motomura 2017Social SciencesLaw
Sandeep Mukherjee 2017Creative ArtsFine Arts
Viet Thanh Nguyen 2017Creative ArtsFiction
Shaun O’Boyle 2017Creative ArtsPhotography
Paul O’Keeffe 2017Creative ArtsFine Arts
Hee Oh 2017Natural SciencesMathematics
Samuel Otter 2017HumanitiesAmerican Literature
Aydogan Ozcan 2017Natural SciencesMedicine and Health
Gregory Pardlo 2017Creative ArtsPoetry
Bissera V. Pentcheva 2017HumanitiesFine Arts Research
Adela Pinch 2017HumanitiesEnglish Literature
Jefferson Pinder 2017Creative ArtsFine Arts
Martin Puchner 2017HumanitiesLiterary Criticism
Claudia Rankine 2017Creative ArtsPoetry
Ron Rash 2017Creative ArtsFiction
Will Rawls 2017Creative ArtsChoreography
Ruth Reeves 1940Creative ArtsFine Arts
Ruth Reeves 1941Creative ArtsFine Arts
Rodrigo Reyes 2017Creative ArtsFilm - Video
Hunter Reynolds 2017Creative ArtsFine Arts
Daniel K. Richter 2017HumanitiesU.S. History
Melinda Ring 2017Creative ArtsChoreography
A.V. Rockwell 2017Creative ArtsFilm - Video
Jesse Rodin 2017HumanitiesMusic Research
Patrick Rosal 2017Creative ArtsPoetry
Kay Rosen 2017Creative ArtsFine Arts
Tim Roughgarden 2017Natural SciencesComputer Science
Paul Rucker 2017Creative ArtsFine Arts
Deborah Rudacille 2017Natural SciencesScience Writing
Cynthia Saltzman 2017Creative ArtsGeneral Nonfiction
Zina Saro-Wiwa 2017Creative ArtsFine Arts
Richmond Sarpong 2017Natural SciencesChemistry
Mark Schoenfield 2017HumanitiesEnglish Literature
Brian Seibert 2017HumanitiesDance Studies
Shalini Shankar 2017Social SciencesAnthropology and Cultural Studies
Marisa Silver 2017Creative ArtsFiction
Jeanne Silverthorne 2017Creative ArtsFine Arts
Sara Skrabalak 2017Natural SciencesChemistry
J.P. Sniadecki 2017Creative ArtsFilm - Video
Timothy Snyder 2017HumanitiesEuropean and Latin American History
Paolo Squatriti 2017HumanitiesMedieval and Renaissance History
Gigliola Staffilani 2017Natural SciencesMathematics
Christopher Stark 2017Creative ArtsMusic Composition
Lucy Poate Stebbins 1944HumanitiesEnglish Literature
Maggie Steber 2017Creative ArtsPhotography
Suzanne Stewart-Steinberg 2017HumanitiesEuropean and Latin American History
Zoe Strauss 2017Creative ArtsPhotography
Michael Strevens 2017HumanitiesPhilosophy
Steven Subotnick 2017Creative ArtsFilm - Video
David Tavárez 2017Social SciencesAnthropology and Cultural Studies
Brad Temkin 2017Creative ArtsPhotography
Hans Thomalla 2017Creative ArtsMusic Composition
Roy Thurston 2017Creative ArtsFine Arts
Carmelita Tropicana 2017Creative ArtsDrama and Performance Art
Pramila Vasudevan 2017Creative ArtsChoreography
Sarah Wagner 2017Social SciencesAnthropology and Cultural Studies
Natasha Warikoo 2017Social SciencesEducation
Michael Waters 2017Creative ArtsPoetry
Jeff “Tain” Watts 2017Creative ArtsMusic Composition
Leslie Wayne 2017Creative ArtsFine Arts
Afaa M. Weaver 2017Creative ArtsPoetry
Marianne Weems 2017Creative ArtsDrama and Performance Art
Stacy Wolf 2017HumanitiesTheatre Arts
Billy Woodberry 2017Creative ArtsFilm - Video
Teresa K. Woodruff 2017Natural SciencesMedicine and Health
Andrew Zimmerman 2017HumanitiesU.S. History