In its ninety-first competition for the United States and Canada, the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation has awarded 173 Fellowships (including two joint Fellowships) to a diverse group of 175 scholars, artists, and scientists. Appointed on the basis of prior achievement and exceptional promise, the successful candidates were chosen from a group of over 3,100 applicants.

Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Jeffery Renard Allen 2015Creative ArtsFiction
Rick Araluce 2015Creative ArtsFine Arts
Darcy James Argue 2015Creative ArtsMusic Composition
Julia Bacha 2015Creative ArtsFilm - Video
Amy J. Barger 2015Natural SciencesAstronomy and Astrophysics
Edward Baring 2015HumanitiesIntellectual and Cultural History
Matthew Barnson 2015Creative ArtsMusic Composition
Miyoshi Barosh 2015Creative ArtsFine Arts
Beryl Barr-Sharrar 2015HumanitiesClassics
Dan Beachy-Quick 2015Creative ArtsPoetry
Ross Benjamin 2015HumanitiesTranslation
Amy Bennett 2015Creative ArtsFine Arts
Matthew Blackwell 2015Creative ArtsFine Arts
Jonah Bokaer 2015Creative ArtsChoreography
Gary Briechle 2015Creative ArtsPhotography
Emery Neal Brown 2015Natural SciencesMathematics
Kathleen M. Brown 2015HumanitiesUnited States History
Martha Buskirk 2015HumanitiesFine Arts Research
José Ignacio Cabezón 2015HumanitiesReligion
Matthew P. Canepa 2015HumanitiesFine Arts Research
Almudena Carracedo 2015Creative ArtsFilm - Video
Richard Carrick 2015Creative ArtsMusic Composition
Sean Carroll_250x250 Sean M. Carroll 2015Natural SciencesPhysics
Maud Casey 2015Creative ArtsFiction
Anthony Cerulli 2015HumanitiesSouth Asian Studies
Vikram Chandra 2015Creative ArtsFiction
Etienne Charles 2015Creative ArtsMusic Composition
Swati Chattopadhyay 2015HumanitiesArchitecture, Planning and Design
Mel Chin 2015Creative ArtsFine Arts
Wendy K. Tam Cho 2015Social SciencesPolitical Science
Thomas Christensen 2015HumanitiesMusic Research
Amanda Church 2015Creative ArtsFine Arts
Chris Collins 2015HumanitiesLinguistics
Vincent Conitzer 2015Natural SciencesComputer Science
Miles Coolidge 2015Creative ArtsPhotography
Russell Crotty 2015Creative ArtsFine Arts
Meghan Daum 2015Creative ArtsGeneral Nonfiction
Karin Davie 2015Creative ArtsFine Arts
Stephen Davis 2015Creative ArtsFine Arts
Alison Hawthorne Deming 2015Creative ArtsGeneral Nonfiction
Agnes Denes 2015Creative ArtsFine Arts
Paula L. Diaconescu 2015Natural SciencesChemistry
Kristoffer Diaz 2015Creative ArtsDrama and Performance Art
Matthew Dickman 2015Creative ArtsPoetry
Michael Doebeli 2015Natural SciencesApplied Mathematics
Jeff Dolven 2015HumanitiesLiterary Criticism
Susan Eva Eckstein 2015Social SciencesSociology
Brent Hayes Edwards 2015HumanitiesLiterary Criticism
Jordan S. Ellenberg 2015Natural SciencesMathematics
Thomas Sayers Ellis 2015Creative ArtsPoetry
Fred Escher 2015Creative ArtsFine Arts
Percival Everett 2015Creative ArtsFiction
Carmela Vircillo Franklin 2015HumanitiesMedieval and Renaissance History
Gregory Fraser 2015Creative ArtsPoetry
Victoria Fu 2015Creative ArtsFilm - Video
Rivka Galchen 2015Creative ArtsFiction
Alexander Gann 2015Natural SciencesScience Writing
Janet Paxton Gardner 2015Creative ArtsFilm and Video
Aron Gaudet 2015Creative ArtsFilm - Video
Marla Geha 2015Natural SciencesAstronomy and Astrophysics
Beth Gill 2015Creative ArtsChoreography
Sarah Barringer Gordon 2015Social SciencesConstitutional Studies
Maria Gough 2015HumanitiesPhotography Studies
Melissa Fay Greene 2015Creative ArtsGeneral Nonfiction
Harold F. Greeney 2015Natural SciencesOrganismic Biology & Ecology
Christiane Gruber 2015HumanitiesNear Eastern Studies
Niloofar Haeri 2015Social SciencesAnthropology and Cultural Studies
Tim Hawkinson 2015Creative ArtsFine Arts
Thomas Healy 2015Creative ArtsGeneral Nonfiction
Nadia Hironaka 2015Creative ArtsFilm - Video
Lucas Hnath 2015Creative ArtsDrama and Performance Art
Frank Holliday 2015Creative ArtsFine Arts
Cathy Park Hong 2015Creative ArtsPoetry
Silas Howard 2015Creative ArtsFilm - Video
Barbara Hurd 2015Creative ArtsGeneral Nonfiction
Andrew F. Jones 2015HumanitiesEast Asian Studies
Vishal Jugdeo 2015Creative ArtsFine Arts
Mary Beth Keane 2015Creative ArtsFiction
Timothy J. Kehoe 2015Social SciencesEconomics
Lynn Keller 2015HumanitiesAmerican Literature
Mary Kelly 2015Creative ArtsFine Arts
Thomas Keymer 2015HumanitiesEnglish Literature
Anne Kelly Knowles 2015Social SciencesGeography and Environmental Studies
Nikolai Krementsov 2015HumanitiesHistory of Science, Technology and Economics
Jennifer Lacey 2015Creative ArtsChoreography
Diane Landry 2015Creative ArtsFine Arts
Kris Lane 2015HumanitiesEuropean and Latin American History
David Lazar 2015Creative ArtsGeneral Nonfiction
Chihchun Chi-sun Lee 2015Creative ArtsMusic Composition
Steve Lehman 2015Creative ArtsMusic Composition
George E. Lewis 2015Creative ArtsMusic Composition
Mary Dewhurst Lewis 2015HumanitiesEuropean and Latin American History
Tess Lewis 2015HumanitiesTranslation
Susan Lipper 2015Creative ArtsPhotography
Dominic McIver Lopes 2015HumanitiesPhilosophy
Steven Lubar 2015Social SciencesAnthropology and Cultural Studies
Laurence T. Maloney 2015Natural SciencesNeuroscience
Howard Markel 2015Natural SciencesMedicine and Health
Anthony Marra 2015Creative ArtsFiction
Cate Marvin 2015Creative ArtsPoetry
Patricia Marx 2015Creative ArtsGeneral Nonfiction
Mark Fathi Massoud 2015Social SciencesLaw
Bernadette Mayer 2015Creative ArtsPoetry
Michael C. McMillen 2015Creative ArtsFine Arts
Joshua Mehigan 2015Creative ArtsPoetry
Susan Meiselas 2015Creative ArtsPhotography
Anne Michaels 2015Creative ArtsFiction
Keith Miller 2015Creative ArtsFilm - Video
Arno Rafael Minkkinen 2015Creative ArtsPhotography
Moon Molson 2015Creative ArtsFilm - Video
Christine Montross 2015Creative ArtsGeneral Nonfiction
Daniel Nearing 2015Creative ArtsFilm - Video
Deb Niemeier 2015Natural SciencesEngineering
Madeleine Olnek 2015Creative ArtsFilm - Video
Sabina Ott 2015Creative ArtsFine Arts
Akosua Adoma Owusu 2015Creative ArtsFilm - Video
Dan O’Brien 2015Creative ArtsDrama and Performance Art
Nicholas D. Paige 2015HumanitiesEuropean and Latin American Literature
Krishna V. Palem 2015Natural SciencesComputer Science
Sheila Patek 2015Natural SciencesOrganismic Biology & Ecology
Philip W. Phillips 2015Natural SciencesPhysics
Rowan Ricardo Phillips 2015Creative ArtsPoetry
Eran Pichersky 2015Natural SciencesPlant Sciences
Andreia Pinto-Correia 2015Creative ArtsMusic Composition
Kevin Powers 2015Creative ArtsFiction
Monica Prasad 2015Social SciencesSociology
Lawrence M. Principe 2015HumanitiesHistory of Science, Technology and Economics
Christina Pugh 2015Creative ArtsPoetry
Gita Pullapilly 2015Creative ArtsFilm - Video
Richard Rabinowitz 2015HumanitiesIntellectual and Cultural History
Iva Radivojevic 2015Creative ArtsFilm - Video
PJ Raval 2015Creative ArtsFilm - Video
Jennifer Reid 2015HumanitiesReligion
Benjamin Reiss 2015HumanitiesAmerican Literature
Richard Renaldi 2015Creative ArtsPhotography
James Retallack 2015HumanitiesEuropean and Latin American History
Jennifer A. Richeson 2015Social SciencesPsychology
Jonathan Rieder 2015Social SciencesAnthropology and Cultural Studies
Stuart Rome 2015Creative ArtsPhotography
Alex Ross 250x250 Alex Ross 2015Creative ArtsGeneral Nonfiction
Richard Rothman 2015Creative ArtsPhotography
Moises Saman 2015Creative ArtsPhotography
Maurice Samuels 2015HumanitiesEuropean and Latin American Literature
Seth L. Sanders 2015HumanitiesReligion
Beryl Satter 2015HumanitiesU.S. History
Walter Scheidel 2015HumanitiesClassics
Vanessa R. Schwartz 2015HumanitiesIntellectual and Cultural History
Zoe Scofield 2015Creative ArtsChoreography
Akhil Sharma 2015Creative ArtsFiction
Sean Shepherd 2015Creative ArtsMusic Composition
Asif A. Siddiqi 2015HumanitiesHistory of Science, Technology and Economics
Rosy Simas 2015Creative ArtsChoreography
Michael Sorkin 2015HumanitiesArchitecture, Planning and Design
M. Louise Stanley 2015Creative ArtsFine Arts
G. Gabrielle Starr 2015HumanitiesLiterary Criticism
Kyle Staver 2015Creative ArtsFine Arts
Rand Steiger 2015Creative ArtsMusic Composition
Sarah Abrevaya Stein 2015HumanitiesEuropean and Latin American History
Brenda E. Stevenson 2015HumanitiesU.S. History
Kim Stringfellow 2015Creative ArtsPhotography
John S. Strong 2015HumanitiesReligion
Matthew Suib 2015Creative ArtsFilm - Video
William S. Sutton 2015Creative ArtsPhotography
Tatiana Toro 2015Natural SciencesMathematics
David L. Ulin 2015Creative ArtsGeneral Nonfiction
Kukuli Velarde 2015Creative ArtsFine Arts
Jack Walsh 2015Creative ArtsFilm - Video
Kenneth W. Warren 2015HumanitiesAmerican Literature
Mark R. Warren 2015Social SciencesEducation
Royce Weatherly 2015Creative ArtsFine Arts
Terri Weifenbach 2015Creative ArtsPhotography
Amy Williams 2015Creative ArtsMusic Composition
Michael Willrich 2015HumanitiesU.S. History
Gideon Yaffe 2015Social SciencesLaw
Pinar Yoldas 2015Creative ArtsFine Arts