History and People

"The award of a Guggenheim Fellowship is a lifelong honor and source of distinction for each recipient, but it does not mark the end or even the slowing down of a productive life.  So the combination of continuing recognition of those qualifying for Fellowships and the continuing achievement of those who have already been honored comprises an extraordinary stimulation for the cultural and intellectual well-being of our society....
"That the Fellows as a group constitute a unique family is not surprising.  Whether or not there is lively interaction among members of this family is probably not so important as the realization that all members stand together as a clear symbol of the importance of the contribution of talented and active minds to the lives of all of us."
 from "Preface" by Joseph A. Rice, Chairman, Board of Trustees, in The John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation, 1925-2000: A Seventy-Fifth Anniversary Record

Read the Chronology of the Foundation
The "Chronology," excerpted from our Seventy-Fifth Anniversary Record,was written by G. Thomas Tanselle, formerly Vice President and Secretary of the Foundation.

Educational Advisory Board

The Educational Advisory Board consists of thirty-six members, each of whom is a former Guggenheim Fellow. The Foundation relies on the EAB to review and critique the several thousand applications for Fellowships it  receives each year. The United States and Canada competition and the Latin America and Caribbean competition have distinct Educational Advisory Boards and Committees of Selection.


Board of Trustees

The Guggenheim Foundation is fortunate to have had over the years exceptionally capable and dedicated individuals on its Board of Trustees.  Its membership has ranged in number from the original seven Trustees named in the Foundation's Charter to as many as fifteen.  Its current roster of fifteen Trustees is the steward of the Foundation's endowment as well as the final arbiter in Fellowship selections.