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Supporters of the Foundation

Thanks to the continued generosity of the Leon Levy Foundation, some Fellows with no academic or institutional affiliation receive supplemental funding as part of their Guggenheim Fellowship to help cover the costs of their research or artistic endeavors, and their living expenses.

Mr. Levy, a pioneer in the creation of both mutual funds and hedge funds, was a humanist with a passion for expanding knowledge.  He was an active and generous trustee of the John Simon Guggenheim Foundation from 1990 to 2003.  For more information, please visit the Leon Levy Foundation.

In 2008 the Guggenheim Foundation added Constitutional Studies to its list of competition fields, thanks to a generous gift from the Dorothy Tapper Goldman Foundation. The inaugural Fellows in this new field are Randy E. Barnett, Carmack Waterhouse Professor of Legal Theory at Georgetown University Law Center, and Richard Primus, Professor of Law at the University of Michigan.

Twice a Fellow in the field of Organismic Biology and Ecology (1953 and 1977), Carl Gans wholeheartedly supported the Foundation throughout his career, “watch[ing] its affairs with pleasure and a sense of personal participation.” Spurred by his belief that the Foundation “clearly maintained an ongoing commitment to excellence and to innovation,” as he wrote then-president Gordon Ray in 1985, he consistently contributed to the Foundation’s endowment and encouraged the most talented people he came across to apply for Guggenheim Fellowships.

Carl Gans was born in Hamburg, Germany, in 1923 and came to the United States as a teenager, becoming a naturalized citizen in 1945.  After serving in the Pacific theater during World War II, he trained as a mechanical engineer, receiving degrees in that field from New York University (B.ME., 1944) and Columbia University (M.S., 1950).  However, he had a growing interest in herpetology and he credited his first Guggenheim Fellowship, received when he was just thirty years old, with giving him the essential encouragement and financial support to completely change the direction of his career.  After his Fellowship term spent studying the taxonomy of South Brazilian snakes, he went on to Harvard University where he earned a Ph.D. in biology in 1957. He then served as a Professor of Biology and department chair at the University of Buffalo (1958–71) and as Professor of Biology and chair of the department of zoology at the University of Michigan, retiring as Emeritus Professor in 1998.  Among his most notable publications are A Photographic Atlas of Shark Anatomy and Electromyography for Experimentalists, both of which are now standard texts in biology classes nationwide.  He also edited the journal Morphology for twenty-five years as well as the 23-volume Biology of Reptilia.

Carl Gans died in November 2009.  His generous bequest to the Foundation will fund four Fellowships in Organismic Biology and Ecology. 

Howard Kaminsky, who received a Fellowship in History in 1976, has been a long-standing and openhanded supporter of the Foundation’s mission.

After receiving his Ph.D. from the University of Chicago in 1952, Mr. Kaminsky taught history at Stanford University, the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, and the University of Washington, before his appointment as a Professor of History at Florida International University in 1973.  He is currently Professor Emeritus at FIU.

A specialist in medieval and religious history, Mr. Kaminsky is the author of A History of the Hussite Revolution (University of California Press, 1967) and Simon de Cramaud and the Great Schism (Rutgers UP, 1983), among many other monographs and scholarly articles.

Guggenheim Fellowship Awards in the United States and Canada, 2014

In its ninetieth annual competition for the United States and Canada, the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation has awarded 177 Fellowships (including one joint Fellowship) to a diverse group of 178 scholars, artists, and scientists. Appointed on the basis of prior achievement and exceptional promise, the successful candidates were chosen from a group of almost 3,000 applicants.

Follow this link for a list of 2014 Fellows in the United States and Canada
Follow this link for a list of 2014 Fellows by field in the United States and Canada

View the PDF list of the 2014 Fellows in the United States and Canada
View the PDF list of 2014 Fellows by field in the United States and Canada

Follow this link to view the Press Release.

Follow this link to view the announcement of the 2014 Guggenheim Fellows in the New York Times, April 10, 2014 (The New York Times, A7).


2014 Jazz Awards from the Jazz Journalists Association

Once again, a few Fellows were among the winners of this year’s Jazz Awards from the Jazz Journalists Association:

Roswell Rudd, Fellow 2000 – Trombonist of the Year;

Jane Ira Bloom, Fellow 2007 – Soprano Saxophonist of the Year;

Randy Weston, Fellow 2011  [duo with Billy Harper] – Trio or Duo of the Year.

Follow the link below to the association’s listing of the prizes.


Lia Purpura, Fellow in Nonfiction, 2012

In January, Lia Purpura was a Fellow at the MacDowell Colony in Peterborough, New Hampshire. Follow the link below to learn more about her work.



Pablo Helguera, Fellow in Photography, 2008

After years of travelling, studying many different aspects of art, and working himself in various genres, Pablo Helguera is offering his hard-won insights into what he terms “the sociology of contemporary art outside of the realm of the art market” in his newly published collection of essays entitled Art Scenes: The Social Scripts of the Art World (New York: Jorge Pinto Books).


David B. Wake, Fellow in Biology & Ecology, 1981

David B. Wake, Professor Emeritus in the Department of Integrative Biology at the University of California, Berkeley, has been awarded the California Academy of Science’s 2012 Fellows’ Medal.


Frederic Tuten, Fellow in Fiction, 1973

As part of Stony Brook Southampton’s MFA Creative Writing and Literature Program, Frederic Tuten will be leading its workshop in writing short fiction at the Florence (Italy) University of the Arts during January 2013.


Annette Gordon-Reed, Fellow in U.S. History, 2009

Harvard Law School has appointed Annette Gordon-Reed to the Charles Warren Professorship of American Legal History. Named for the noted legal scholar, historian, and assistant attorney general under President Woodrow Wilson, this faculty chair is endowed by the Charles Warren American History Fund, which was established through Mrs. Warren’s bequest.


Philip Levine, Fellow in Poetry, 1973, 1980

Mr. Levine has been named the 2011-12 Poet Laureate of the United States.  He is the thirty-fifth Guggenheim Fellow in Poetry to be so honored. Follow this link to view a complete list of the thirty-five Guggenhem Fellows named Poet Laureate.


We note the passing of the following Fellows.  The Foundation always appreciates receiving information about Guggenheim Fellows.

Ai, Fellow in Poetry, 1975  More
Fay Ajzenberg-Selove, Physics, 1965  More
Leland C. Allen, Fellow in Chemistry, 1966, 1967  More
Milton Byron Babbitt, Fellow in Music Composition, 1960  More
Lawrence Badash, Fellow in History of Science and Technology, 1984  More
Jacques Barzun, Fellow in Music Research, 1945  More
Joseph L. Blotner, American Literature, 1964, 1967  More
Paul S. Boyer, U.S. History, 1973  More
H. Allen Brooks, Fellow in Architecture and Design, 1973  More
Byron L. Burford, Fellow in Fine Arts, 1960  More
John Green Burr, Fellow in Chemistry, 1964
Antonio Cisneros Campoy, Fellow in Poetry, 1978  More
Elliott Carter, Fellow in Music Composition, 1945, 1950  More
Daniel Catán, Fellow in Music Composition, 2000  More
Joel Colton, Fellow in French History, 1957  More
Oscar Cornblit, Fellow in Political Science, 1973  More
Ann Cornelisen, Fellow in General Nonfiction, 1977 More
Allin Cornell, Fellow in Applied Mathematics, 1974  More
Robert V. Daniels, Fellow in Russian History, 1980  More
Pierre Dansereau, Fellow in Botany, 1948  More
Nassos Dapnis, Fellow in Painting, Sculpture, & Installation Art, 1977  More
William G. Dauben, Fellow in Chemistry, 1950, 1965  More
Demorest Davenport, Fellow in Biology & Ecology, 1952, 1960  More
Donald Davie, Fellow in Poetry, 1972, 1980  More
Bertram H. Davis, Fellow in English Literature, 1974  More
Charles Till David, Fellow in Medieval History, 1958  More
Sidney Davidson, Fellow in Economics, 1956  More
L. J. Davis, Fellow in Fiction, 1975  More
Howard Ted Davis, Fellow in Chemistry, 1969  More
Joe Deal, Fellow in Photography, 1983  More
Olivier Debroise, Fine Arts Research, 1997  More
Robert de Beaugrande, Literary Criticism, 1984  More
Allen G. Debus, History of Science and Technology, 1965  More
Joe Deal, Fellow in Photography, 1983  More
André Jacques de Béthune, Fellow in Chemistry, 1960  More
Loni Ding, Fellow in Film, 1982  More
Edgar Owen Edwards, Fellow in Economics, 1954
George Edwards, Fellow in Music Composition, 1980, 1985 
Martin E. Fishbein, Fellow in Psychology, 1967  More
John Miles Foley, Fellow in Folklore & Popular Culture, 1980  More
Arthur Layton Funk, Fellow in French History, 1954  More
Charles Montgomery Gray, Fellow in Law, 1966  More
Jack K. Hale, Fellow in Mathematics, 1979  More
Joseph de Heer, Fellow in Chemistry, 1959  More
Daniel Hoffman, Fellow in American Literature, 1983  More
Channa Horwitz, Fellow in Fine Arts, 2013  More
Ada Louise Huxtable, Architecture & Design, 1958  More
Michael Kammen, Fellow in U.S. History, 1980  More
Leon Knopoff, Fellow in Earth Science, 1976  More
Freda Koblick, Fellow in Painting, Sculpture, and Installation Art, 1970  More
Arnold Kramish, Fellow in Political Science, 1966  More
Hans W. Niemeyer Fernández, Fellow in Anthropology and Cultural Studies, 2001 More
Carl Gans, Fellow in Biology and Ecology, 1953, 1977  More
Paul Griminger, Fellow in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, 1964  More
Maricio Lasanky, Fellow in Painting, Sculpture, and Installation Art, 1943, 1944, 1945, 1953, 1964  More
Erick L. Lehmann, Fellow in Statistics, 1955, 1966, 1979  More
William N. Lipscomb, Fellow in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, 1954, 1972  More
Kwang Ching Liu, Fellow in East Asian Studies, 1968  More
Charles R. Lyons, Fellow in Theatre Arts, 1976
Maynard Mack, Fellow in English Literature, 1942, 1964, 1982  More
Kazumi Maki, Fellow in Physics, 1979  More
Frank Manley, Fellow in Renaissance History, 1966, 1978  More
Lynn Margulis, Fellow in Biology and Ecology, 1978  More
Juan Marichal, Spanish and Portuguese Literature, 1957, 1972  More
Edwin Wilson Marrs Jr., Fellow in English Literature, 1972
Sabine G. MacCormack, Fellow in Iberian & Latin American History, 1999  More
Donald Bertram McIntyre, Fellow in the History of Science and Technology, 1969  More
Paul Meier, Fellow in Statistics, 1982  More
Roger Mertin, Fellow in Photography, 1974
Luis Monguió, Fellow in Spanish and Portuguese Literature, 1951  More
Lincoln E. Moses, Fellow in Statistics, 1960  More
Ian Mueller, Fellow in Philosophy, 1991  More
John Emery Murdoch, Fellow in History of Science and Technology, 1975  More
Charles Muscatine, Fellow in Medieval Literature, 1962  More
Karol J. Mysels, Fellow in Chemistry, 1965
Kasuhiko Nishijima, Fellow in Physics, 1965  More
Steven Alan Orzag, Fellow in Applied Mathematics, 1989  More
Robert M. Palmer, Fellow in Music Composition, 1952  More
Constance Perin, Fellow in Anthropology & Cultural Studies, 1977  More
George Perle, Fellow in Music Composition, 1966, 1974  More
Otto Pflanze, Fellow in German and East European History, 1966  More
Allen W. Phillips, Fellow in Spanish and Portuguese Literature, 1960, 1973  More
Pedro Carrasco Pizana, Fellow in Anthropology & Cultural Studies, 1951  More
Burton Pollin, Fellow in American Literature, 1973
Taylor M. Potter, Fellow in Architecture & Design, 1966
Katherine Russell Rich, Fellow in General Nonfiction, 2011
Richard Robbins, Fellow in Sociology, 1974
Charles Ryskamp, Fellow in English Literature, 1966, and Guggenheim Foundation Trustee (1983-2010)  More
Arthur Sherbo, Fellow in English Literature, 1956  More
Robert Sklar, Fellow in U.S. History, 1970  More
Joanne Malkus Simpson, Fellow in Earth Science, 1954  More
Theodore R. Sizer, Fellow in Education, 1970  More
Lawrence B. Slobodkin, Fellow in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, 1961, 1974 More
Otto J. M. Smith, Fellow in Applied Mathematics, 1959 More
Alan Templeton, Fellow in Chemistry, 1953, 1968
James Thorpe, Fellow in Literary Criticism, 1949, 1965
James Jerome Walsh, Fellow in Philosophy, 1966  More
Kurt Weinberg, Fellow in French Literature, 1960
Harry H. Wellington, Fellow in Law, 1965  More
Halbert L. White, Fellow in Economics, 1988  More
Mark Robert Willcott III, Fellow in Chemistry, 1972

Guggenheim Foundation "Firsts"

On May 28, 1925, the first class of Guggenheim Fellows was appointed.  Culled from a field of only seventy-four applicants, the fifteen 1925 Fellows included composer Aaron Copland. Somewhat ahead of its time in recognizing the accomplishments of women, the Foundation also appointed Violet Barbour, a professor of history at Vassar College.  The next year the field of applicants grew to nearly 900; of these thirty-nine received Fellowships, and five Fellows from the inaugural class received second Fellowships.