2011 Fellows - United States and Canada

Mr. Walter L. Adamson, Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor of Intellectual History, Emory University: Fascism and political religion in Italy.
Mr. David R. Adjmi, Playwright, Brooklyn, New York, and Playwriting Instructor, Primary Stages School of Theatre, New York City: Drama and performance art.
Ms. Ann Agee, Artist, Brooklyn, New York, and Visiting Lecturer in Studio Art, Princeton University: Fine arts.
Mr. Arun Agrawal, Professor and Associate Dean for Research, School of Natural Resources and Environment, University of Michigan: Poverty and adaptation.
Ms. Karen J. Alter, Professor of Political Science, Northwestern University: The new terrain of international law: international courts in global politics.
Mr. Gregory A. Amenoff, Artist, Kerhonkson, New York: Fine arts.
Mr. Thomas George Andrews, Associate Professor of History, University of Colorado, Boulder: An animals' history of the United States.
Ms. Janine Antoni, Artist, Brooklyn, New York, and Adjunct Professor, MFA Program, Columbia University: Fine arts.

Ms. Judith Barry, Artist, New York City, and Professor and Director of MFA Program in Visual Arts, Art Institute of Boston/Lesley University: Fine arts.
Mr. Shahzad Bashir, Associate Professor of Religious Studies, Stanford University: Persianate pasts: memory, narration, and ideology in the Islamic East, 1400-1600.
Ms. Cynthia M. Beall, S. Idell Pyle and Distinguished University Professor, Case Western Reserve University: Recent human evolution at high altitude.
Mr. Sven Beckert, Laird Bell Professor of History, Harvard University: Capitalism: a global history.
Ms. Seyla Benhabib, Eugene Meyer Professor of Political Science and Philosophy, Yale University: The contested future of sovereignty: international law and democracy.
Mr. James Mark Biederman, Artist, Laurinburg, North Carolina, and Martha Beach Endowed Chair, Department of Art, University of North Carolina, Pembroke: Fine arts.
Ms. Eula Biss, Lecturer in English, Northwestern University: Quickening: on medicine, myth, and metaphor.
Mr. Philippe Bodin, Composer, New York City: Music composition.
Ms. Elizabeth Stinette Bolman, Associate Professor of Art History, Tyler School of Art, Temple University: The Red Monastery Church: magnificence and asceticism in Upper Egypt.
Mr. Pascal Boyer, Henry Luce Professor of Collective and Individual Memory in Arts and Sciences, Washington University in St. Louis: The dark matter of human culture.
Ms. Katherine Bradford, Artist, Brooklyn, New York: Fine arts.
Ms. Deborah Brandt, Professor Emerita of English, University of Wisconsin, Madison: Writing now: new directions in mass literacy.
Mr. Rick Briggs, Artist, Brooklyn, New York: Fine arts.
Mr. Richard Brookhiser, Senior Editor, National Review: A biography of James Madison.
Mr. Vincent Brown, Professor of History and African and African American Studies, Duke University: The Coromantee Wars.
Mr. W. Fitzhugh Brundage, William B. Umstead Professor of History, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill: Torture in America: the long history.
Mr. Stephen Budiansky, Writer, Leesburg, Virginia: The life and music of Charles Ives.

Ms. Beth Campbell, Artist, Brooklyn, New York: Fine arts.
Ms. Bonnie Jo Campbell, Writer, Kalamazoo, Michigan, and Instructor, Low Residency MFA Program, Pacific University: Fiction.
Mr. Peter Campion, Poet, Auburn, Alabama, and Associate Professor of English, Auburn University: Poetry.
Ms. Mary Cappello, Professor of English, University of Rhode Island: In the mood: toward a psychology of atmosphere.
Ms. Pat Catterson, Choreographer, New York City: Choreography.
Ms. Ananya Chatterjea, Choreographer, Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Associate Professor and Director of Dance, University of Minnesota: Choreography.
Mr. Jeffrey Jerome Cohen, Professor of English, and Director, Institute for Medieval and Early Modern Studies, George Washington University: Stories of stone: dreaming the prehistoric in the Middle Ages.
Mr. Alon Confino, Professor of History, University of Virginia: A world without Jews: Nazi Germany, representations of the past, and the Holocaust.
Mr. Dalton Conley, University Professor, Senior Vice Provost, and Dean for the Social Sciences, New York University: Sociogenetics and the case of missing heritability.
Mr. Brian P. Copenhaver, Distinguished Professor of Philosophy and History, University of California, Los Angeles: Explaining by picturing in Early Modern Europe.
Ms. Chaya Czernowin, Composer, Waban, Massachusetts, and Walter Bigelow Rosen Professor of Composition, Harvard University: Music composition.

Mr. John-Philip D'Agata, Writer, Iowa City, Iowa, and Associate Professor of English, University of Iowa: Three long essays.
Mr. Paolo D'Odorico, Professor of Environmental Sciences, University of Virginia: Globalization of water resources: effects on societal and environmental resilience.
Mr. Jonathan R. Dee, Writer, New York City, Assistant Professor, MFA Program in Writing, The New School, and Adjunct Assistant Professor, MFA Program in Writing, Columbia University: Fiction.
Ms. DD Dorvillier, Choreographer, New York City, and Artistic Director, human future dance corps: Choreography.

Mr. David M. Eagleman, Assistant Professor of Neuroscience, Baylor College of Medicine: The neurobiology and genetics of synesthesia.
Ms. Janet S. Echelman, Artist, Brookline, Massachusetts, and Faculty Member, Department of Visual and Performing Arts, New School University: Fine arts.
Ms. Claudia Emerson, Poet, Fredericksburg, Virginia, and Professor and Arrington Distinguished Chair of Poetry, University of Mary Washington: Poetry.
Ms. Jean Ensminger, Edie and Lew Wasserman Professor of Social Science, California Institute of Technology: Aiding and abetting:  how the World Bank built a mafia.

Mr. Robert Faggen, Barton Evans and H. Andrea Neves Professor of Literature, Claremont McKenna College: A biography of Ken Kesey.
Mr. R. M. Fischer, Artist, Brooklyn, New York: Fine arts.
Mr. David Fiuczynski, Composer, New York City, and Professor and Director of the Planet MicroJam Institute, and Professor, Guitar and Ensemble Department, Berklee College of Music: Music composition.
Ms. Grace S. Fong, Professor of East Asian Studies, McGill University: Writing life histories: auto/biographical practices in women's literary collections in late Imperial China.
Ms. Caroline Cole Ford, Professor of History, University of California, Los Angeles: Culture, conservation, and the environment in metropolitan and colonial France.
Ms. Katherine Franke, Professor of Law, Columbia Law School: Dilemmas of citizenship: marriage and freedom.
Ms. Estelle Brenda Freedman, Edgar E. Robinson Professor in U.S. History, Stanford University: The political response to rape in American history.

Mr. Stephen Anthony Gardbaum, MacArthur Foundation Professor of International Justice and Human Rights, University of California, Los Angeles: The new commonwealth model of constitutionalism.
Mr. Charles Goldman, Artist, Brooklyn, New York: Fine arts.
Mr. Michael Gordin, Professor of History, Princeton University: Scientific babel: communication and identity in Western chemistry since the fall of Latin.
Mr. Paul Guest, Poet, Atlanta, Georgia, and Instructor in English, Agnes Scott College: Poetry.

Ms. Michelle Handelman, Filmmaker, Brooklyn, New York, and Associate Professor of Film and Video, Massachusetts College of Art and Design: Film-video.
Mr. Duncan Hannah, Artist, New York City: Fine arts.
Ms. Maria Hassabi, Choreographer, New York City: Choreography.
Mr. Wil Haygood, National Reporter, The Washington Post: The confirmation of Thurgood Marshall to the Supreme Court.
Mr. Jonathan Haynes, Professor of English, Long Island University: Nollywood: themes and genres in Nigerian film culture.
Ms. Agnes Weiyun He, Associate Professor of Applied Linguistics and Asian Studies, SUNY Stony Brook University: Language of the heart and heritage.
Mr. Jeffrey Gardner Heath, Professor of Linguistics, University of Michigan: Textual and video documentation of the Dogon languages of Mali.
Ms. Anne Dawson Hedeman, Professor of Art and Medieval Studies, University of Illinois: Visual translation and the first French humanists.
Ms. Ursula K. Heise, Professor of English and Director, Program in Modern Thought and Literature, Stanford University: Cultures of extinction: narrative, database, and biodiversity loss.
Mr. Corin Hickory Hewitt, Artist, Richmond, Virginia, and Assistant Professor of Sculpture and Extended Media, Virginia Commonwealth University: Fine arts.
Mr. Fred Ho, Composer, Brooklyn, New York, and President, Big Red Media, Inc.: Music composition.
Ms. Christie Hodgen, Writer, Kansas City, Missouri, and Assistant Professor of English, University of Missouri, Kansas City: Fiction.
Ms. Adina Hoffman, Writer, New Haven, Connecticut, and Visiting Fellow, Whitney Humanities Center: Where the great city stands: a Jerusalem triptych.
Mr. Michael Honey, Haley Professor of Humanities, University of Washington, Tacoma: Sharecropper's troubador: the narrative, songs, and poetry of John Handcox of the Southern Tenant Farmers Union.
Mr. Don Wayne Howard, Filmmaker, Austin, Texas, and Assistant Professor of Radio, Television, and Film, University of Texas, Austin: Film-video.
Mr. Earl M. Howard, Composer, Sunnyside, New York: Music composition.
Mr. George Hutchinson, Booth Tarkington Professor of English, Indiana University: In a dark time:  American literature and culture in the 1940s.

Mr. Doug Leonard James, Associate Professor of Computer Science, Cornell University: Physics-based sound rendering.
Ms. Kimberly Johnson, Poet, Salt Lake City, Utah, and Associate Professor of English, Brigham Young University: Poetry.
Mr. Kirk Richard Johnson, Chief Curator and Vice President of the Denver Museum of Nature and Science: Cruisin’ the eternal coastline: the best of the fossil West Coast from Baja to Barrow.
Ms. Ann Jones, Writer, Cambridge, Massachusetts: War comes home.

Mr. Tom Kalin
, Filmmaker, New York City, and Professor in the Film Program, School of the Arts, Columbia University: Film-video.
Mr. Benjamin J. Kaplan, Professor of Dutch History, University College London: Cunegonde's kidnapping: religious encounters in an early modern borderland.
Mr. Louis Samuel Karchin, Composer, Short Hills, New Jersey, and Professor of Music, New York University: Music composition.
Ms. Karolina Karlic, Photographer, Los Angeles, California: Photography.
Kasumi, Filmmaker, Cleveland, Ohio, and Associate Professor, The Cleveland Institute of Art: Film-video.
Mr. Patrick John Keeling, Professor of Botany, University of British Columbia: Role of coral reefs in apicomplexan parasite origins.
Mr. Bruce A. Kimball, Professor of Educational Policy, Ohio State University: The inception of “free money” ideology, fundraising, and endowments in American higher education, 1870-1930.
Mr. Matthew Kirschenbaum, Associate Professor of English, University of Maryland: Track changes: authorship, archives, and literary culture after word processing.
Ms. Amy Beth Kirsten, Composer, New Haven, Connecticut, and Composer-in-residence, Cadillac Moon Ensemble: Music composition.
Mr. Marwan M. Kraidy, Associate Professor, Annenberg School for Communication, University of Pennsylvania: Music videos and Arab public life.

Mr. Chris Landreth, Filmmaker, Toronto, Canada: Film-video.
Ms. Young Jean Lee, Artist, Brooklyn, New York, and Artistic Director, Young Jean Lee’s Theater Company: Drama and performance art.
Mr. Richard A. Leo, Associate Professor, University of San Francisco School of Law: The innocence revolution.
Ms. Eleanor Lerman, Poet, Long Beach, New York, and Editor and Director, Public Affairs and Publications, Carnegie Corporation of New York: Poetry.
Mr. Todd Lewis, Professor of Religious Studies, College of the Holy Cross: The enculturation of Buddhist teachings: traditional and modern vernacular literature for children.
Mr. Jonathan Scott Lowenstein, Photographer, Chicago, Illinois: Photography.
Mr. Bernie B. Lubell, Artist, San Francisco, California: Fine arts.
Mr. Peter Lucas, Filmmaker, Brooklyn, New York, and Adjunct Professor of Photography and Imaging, New York University: Film-video.
Mr. Lorenz Martin Lüthi, Associate Professor of History, McGill University: The rise of the post-Cold War world.

Ms. Rosemary Mahoney
, Writer, Bristol, Rhode Island: Seeing beyond blindness.
Mr. Maurice Walker Manning, Poet, Bloomington, Indiana, and Associate Professor of English, Indiana University: Poetry.
Mr. Clancy Martin, Writer, Kansas City, Missouri, and Professor of Philosophy, University of Missouri, Kansas City: Fiction.
Ms. Valerie Martin, Writer, Millbrook, New York, and Visiting Professor of English, Mt. Holyoke College: Fiction.
Mr. Andrew Masullo, Artist, San Francisco, California: Fine arts.
Mr. Bruce Raymond McClure, Filmmaker, Brooklyn, New York: Film-video.
Ms. Jennifer McCoy, Filmmaker, Brooklyn, New York, and Professor of Art, Brooklyn College, CUNY: Film-video.
Mr. Kevin McCoy, Filmmaker, Brooklyn, New York, and Associate Professor of Art and Art Education, Steinhardt School of Art and Art Professions, New York University: Film-video.
Ms. Tara McKelvey, Writer, Washington, D.C.: The predator drone and America's shadow war.
Ms. Monica Medina, Associate Professor, School of Natural Sciences, University of California, Merced: Biological robustness in a dynamic partnership: scleractinian corals and their algal symbionts.
Mr. Mark Crispin Miller, Professor of Media Ecology, New York University: The Marlboro Man: an American success story.
Mr. Mark Sheldon Mizruchi, Professor of Sociology and Business, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor: The decline of the American corporate elite.
Ms. Isabel Montañez, Professor of Geology, University of California, Davis: Evaluating past carbon dioxide climate-forcing and the impact on regional climates and paleotropical rainforests.
Mr. Jesus Mora, Artist, Toronto, Canada: Fine arts.
Mr. Simon Morrison, Professor of Music, Princeton University: The secret archive of Prokofiev.
Mr. Richard Mosse, Photographer, Brooklyn, New York: Photography.
Ms. Sachiko Murata, Professor of Asian and Asian American Studies, Stony Brook University: Study and translation of Wang Daiyu's The Real Commentary on the True Teaching.

Ms. Heather Shawn Nathans, Professor and Associate Director of Theatre, University of Maryland: Hideous characters and beautiful pagans: performing Jewish identity in the antebellum American theatre.
Mr. Eric Matthew Nelson, Professor of Government, Harvard University: Thinking the Revolution: American political thought, 1763-1789.
Mr. Fallou Ngom, Associate Professor of Anthropology and Director of the African Language Program, Boston University: Wolof Ajami literature and the Africanization of Islam in Senegambia.
Mr. Pipo Hieu Nguyen-duy, Photographer, Oberlin, Ohio, and Associate Professor of Art, Oberlin College: Photography.
Ms. Lynn K. Nyhart, Professor of the History of Science, University of Wisconsin, Madison: Parts and wholes: the biological individual in the nineteenth century.

Mr. Fiorenzo Omenetto, Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Physics, Tufts University: Optics and electronics at the biotic-abiotic interface.
Ms. Sarah Perin Otto, Professor of Zoology, University of British Columbia: Evolutionary responses to extreme environments in yeast.

Ms. Heidi Rika Maria Pauwels, Professor of Asian Languages and Literature, University of Washington, Seattle: Intellectual and cultural exchange in eighteenth-century India: poetry and paintings by Savant Singh of Kishangarh.
Mr. Jonathan Pieslak, Associate Professor of Music, The Graduate Center, CUNY: Systematic distortion: the music of indoctrination and propaganda in extremist cultures.
Mr. Kevin M. F. Platt, Professor of Slavic Languages and Literatures, University of Pennsylvania: The making of Russian history from Peter the Great to Putin.
Mr. John M. G. Plotz, Professor of English, Brandeis University: Semi-detached: the aesthetics of partial absorption.
Mr. Dimitris Politis, Professor of Mathematics and Economics, University of California, San Diego: Model-free prediction and regression.
Mr. Bjorn Poonen, Professor of Mathematics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Random maximal isotropic subspaces and Selmer groups.
Mr. Bill Porter, Writer and translator, Port Townsend, Washington: Mountains and rivers of Chinese poetry.
Mr. Endi E. Poskovic, Artist, Ann Arbor, Michigan, and Associate Professor of Art and Design, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor: Fine arts.
Mr. D. A. Powell, Poet, San Francisco, California, and Associate Professor of English, University of San Francisco: Poetry.

Ms. Katherine Rich, Writer, New York City, and Instructor, Low Residency MFA Program, Lesley University: A biography of Alfred Russel Wallace.
Mr. Bruce Robbins, Old Dominion Foundation Professor in the Humanities, Columbia University: The beneficiary: cosmopolitanism from the viewpoint of inequality.
Ms. Jennifer Ellen Robertson, Professor of Anthropology, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor: Safety, security, convenience: the political economy of service robots in Japan.
Mr. Arthur John Robson, Professor of Economics, Simon Fraser University: Biological basis of economic behavior.
Ms. Flash Rosenberg, Artist, Writer, and Photographer, New York City, and LIVE Artist-in-residence, The New York Public Library: Film-video.
Mr. Charles Ross, Artist, Las Vegas, New Mexico: Fine arts.
Ms. Jennifer Prah Ruger, Associate Professor, Schools of Public Health and Medicine, Yale University: Global health justice and governance.
Ms. Karen Elizabeth Russell, Writer, New York City: Fiction.

Mr. Raphael David Sagarin, Research Scientist, Institute of the Environment, and Assistant Adjunct Professor, School of Natural Resources and the Environment, University of Arizona: From the tide pool to the stars and back: observational natural history and society.
Mr. Re'em Sari, Professor of Astrophysics, Racah Institute of Physics, Hebrew University of Jerusalem: Planets and exploding stars.
Mr. Jay Scheib, Dramatist, Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Associate Professor of Music and Theater Arts, Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Drama and performance art.
Ms. Betsy Schneider, Photographer, Tempe, Arizona, and Assistant Professor,  Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts, Arizona State University: Photography.
Mr. Jeffrey A. Segal, SUNY Distinguished Professor, Department of Political Science, Stony Brook University: The Supreme Court in times of crisis.
Ms. Catherine Moira Sharkey, Professor of Law, New York University School of Law: Judicially managed federalism: federal preemption of state law.
Ms. Marilyn Shrude, Composer, Bowling Green, Ohio, and Professor of Music and Chair, Department of Musicology, Composition, and Theory, Bowling Green State University: Music composition.
Mr. Seth Shulman, Writer, Northampton, Massachusetts: Thomas Edison and the electric car.
Ms. Lisa Sigal, Artist, Brooklyn, New York: Fine arts.
Mr. Manuel Sosa, Composer, New York City, and Chair, Ear Training Department/Ear Training and Composition Faculty, The Juilliard School of Music: Music composition.
Mr. Olaf Sporns, Professor and Associate Chair, Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences, Indiana University: The human connectome.
Ms. Alicia Elsbeth (A. E.) Stallings, Poet, Athens, Greece: Poetry.
Mr. Alan Stewart, Professor of English and Comparative Literature, Columbia University: French Shakespeare.
Mr. T. J. Stiles, Writer, San Francisco, California: The contradictory life of George Armstrong Custer.
Mr. David Stuart, Schele Professor in Mesoamerican Art and Writing, University of Texas at Austin: The origins of Maya hieroglyphic writing.
Mr. Sanjay Subrahmanyam, Professor and Doshi Chair of Indian History, University of California, Los Angeles: Between ethnography and realpolitik: from Europe to South Asia in the 17th century.
Mr. Kenneth Sanders Suslick, Schmidt Professor of Chemistry, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, and Cofounder, iSense, LLC., Palo Alto, California: Smell-seeing: an optoelectronic nose.

Ms. Renee Elizabeth Tajima-Peña, Filmmaker, Los Angeles, California, and Professor and Graduate Director, Social Documentation and Community Studies Programs, University of California, Santa Cruz: Film-video.
Ms. Pam Tanowitz, Choreographer, New York City: Choreography.
Mr. Vahid Tarokh, Perkins Professor of Applied Mathematics and Vinton Hayes Senior Research Fellow of Electrical Engineering, Harvard University: Random matrices from deterministic structures: theory and applications.
Mr. Steven Michael Tipton, Charles Howard Candler Professor of Sociology of Religion, Candler School of Theology, Emory University: The life to come: re-creating retirement.
Mr. Ray Troll, Artist, Ketchikan, Alaska: Cruisin’ the eternal coastline: the best of the fossil West Coast from Baja to Barrow.
Ms. Monika Truemper, Associate Professor of Classics, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill: Bathing culture in the ancient Greek world.
Mr. Aleh Tsyvinski, Professor of Economics and Co-Director, Macroeconomic Research Program, Cowles Foundation, Yale University: Optimal dynamic taxes and social insurance.
Ms. Katherine M. Turczan, Photographer, Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Professor of Media Arts, Minneapolis College of Art and Design: Photography.
Mr. Toby Twining, Composer, Salem, Virginia, and Director, Toby Twining Music: Music composition.

Ms. Penelope Umbrico, Photographer, Brooklyn, New York; Core Faculty, MFA Photography, Video, and Related Media, School of Visual Arts; and Chair, MFA Program in Photography, Milton Avery Graduate School of the Arts, Bard College: Photography.

Ms. Deborah Valenze, Professor of History, Barnard College, Columbia University: Thomas Tryon and his world.
Mr. Eric J. Van Young, Distinguished Professor of History, University of California, San Diego: Lucas Alaman and Mexico: a life together, 1792-1853.
Mr. David Vann, Writer, San Francisco, California, and Associate Professor, MFA in Writing Program, University of San Francisco: Fiction.
Ms. Lara Vapnyar, Writer, Staten Island, New York, and Adjunct Professor, Gallatin School of Individualized Study, New York University: Fiction.
Mr. Vijay Vazirani, Professor of Computer Science, Georgia Tech: Algorithms as a lens on economics.
Mr. Stephen Vitiello, Artist, Richmond, Virginia, and Associate Professor of Kinetic Imaging, Virginia Commonwealth University: Fine arts.
Ms. Patricia Volk, Writer, New York City: Stunning: how finding the right book changed everything.

Mr. Louis Warren
, W. Turrentine Jackson Professor of Western U.S. History, University of California, Davis: A hole in the dream: the ghost dance and the making of modern America.
Mr. Brad Watson, Writer, Laramie, Wyoming, and Associate Professor of English and the MFA in Creative Writing Program, University of Wyoming: Fiction.
Ms. Susan Verdi Webster, Jane Williams Mahoney Professor of Art History and American Studies, College of William and Mary: The conquest of European architecture: Andean masters and the construction of colonial Quito.
Mr. Tom Wells, Writer, Boulder, Colorado: The innocence revolution.
Ms. Kath Weston, Professor of Anthropology and Studies in Women and Gender, University of Virginia: Rethinking the magic of capital: a cultural critique of circulation and generation in finance.
Mr. Randy Weston, Composer, Brooklyn, New York: Music composition.
Mr. Martin White, Professor of Physics and Astronomy, University of California, Berkeley: Mining the Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey (BOSS).
Mr. John M. Willis, Photographer, Dummerston, Vermont, and Professor of Photography, Marlboro College: Photography.

Ms. Linda Trinkaus Zagzebski, George Lynn Cross Research Professor of Philosophy, University of Oklahoma: Epistemic authority: an investigation of trust, authority, and autonomy in belief.
Mr. Matthew J. Zapruder, Poet, San Francisco, California, and Assistant Visiting Professor, MFA in Creative Writing and Writing for the Performing Arts, University of California, Riverside: Poetry.
Ms. Cynthia Zarin, Poet, New York City, and Senior Lecturer in English, Yale University: Poetry.
Ms. Judith T. Zeitlin, Professor of East Asian Languages and Civilizations, University of Chicago: The culture of musical entertainment in Early Modern China: voice, instrument, text.
Ms. Marina Zurkow, Filmmaker, Brooklyn, New York, and Associate Teacher, Interactive Telecommunications Program, Tisch School of the Arts, New York University: Film-video.