National Book Awards

Fiction: Louise Erdich, Fellow in Fiction, 1985
Poetry: David Ferry, Fellow in Poetry, 1996

Nonfiction: Stephen Greenblatt, Fellow in English Literature, 1974


Fiction: Colum McCann, Fellow in Fiction, 2010
Nonfiction: T. J. Stiles, Fellow in Biography, 2011

Poetry: Terrance Hayes, Fellow in Poetry, 2009

Poetry: Mark Doty, Fellow in Poetry, 1994

Maxine Hong Kingston, a 1982 Guggenheim Fellow, was also honored at the ceremony, receiving the 2008 Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters.  Author of such award-winning nonfiction works as The Woman Warrior (Knopf, 1976; National Book Critics’ Circle Award) and China Men (Knopf, 1980; American Book Award and National Book Award), Ms. Kingston began work on her novel Tripmaster Monkey: His Fake Book (Vintage, 1990) during her Guggenheim term; she received the PEN USA West Award for that publication.  President Bill Clinton awarded her the National Humanities Medal in 1997.

Denis Johnson took home the award for fiction and Robert Hass, who was also the Library of Congress’ eighth Poet Laureate Consultant in Poetry (1995-97), won in the poetry category.

This photograph of the city of Cuenca was submitted by Sara Tilghman Nalle, 2007, Fellow, Iberian and Latin American History. Ms. Nalle was appointed for a new history of the Spanish family.

Embryo, internalization of digestive tract progenitor cells. Submitted by Bob Goldstein, 2007, Fellow, appointed for a study of cell interactions in the asymmetric division of stem cells. Photograph of C. elegans.