Adolph Weiss

Adolph Weiss

Fellow: Awarded 1932
Field of Study: Music Composition

Competition: US & Canada

As published in the Foundation’s Report for 1931–32:

WEISS, ADOLPH:  Appointed for creative work in musical composition, abroad; tenure, twelve months from July 15, 1932.

Born September 12, 1891, at Baltimore, Maryland. Education: Meisterklasse under Arnold Schönberg, Prussian State Academy of Fine Arts, 1925–27.

Principal Compositions:  I Segreti, performed by the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra, Rochester, 1925; American Life, performed by the Conductorless Orchestra, New York, 1929, by the Symphony Orchestra, Budapest, 1932, and by the Philharmonic Orchestra, Berlin, 1932; Piano Preludes, performed by Buhlig, Weisshaus, Corelli, and others, in Europe and American, 1929–32; Kammersymphony, performed by the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra, Rochester, 1930, by the Pan-American Ensemble, New York, 1931, and by the International Society, for Contemporary Music, Vienna, 1932; String Quartet No. 3, performed by Pro Musica, New York, 1930; Sonata da Camera, performed by the League of Composers, and by the Chamber Music Guild, New York, 1930.

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