Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Franklin Pearce Reagan 1926 Natural Sciences Organismic Biology & Ecology
Gilbert Reaney 1964 Humanities Music Research
Anne Rearick 2003 Creative Arts Photography
William R. Rearick 1976 Humanities Fine Arts Research
Luciano Rebay 1966 Humanities Italian Literature
Julius Rebek Jr. 1985 Natural Sciences Chemistry
Hermann Rebel 1984 Humanities German and East European History
Wayne A. Rebhorn 1992 Humanities English Literature
Lionel I. Rebhun 1962 Natural Sciences Organismic Biology & Ecology
Eric Rebillard 2020 Humanities Classics
Juan Francisco Recalde 1956 Natural Sciences Medicine and Health
David Reck 1970 Creative Arts Music Composition
Rima Drell Reck 1972 Humanities French Literature
Barry Reckord 1973 Creative Arts Drama and Performance Art
Jane Cassels Record 1968 Social Sciences Sociology
Liam Rector 1985 Creative Arts Poetry
J. Saunders Redding 1944 Creative Arts Fiction
J. Saunders Redding 1959 Creative Arts Fiction
Raj Reddy 1975 Natural Sciences Computer Science
Srikanth Reddy 2018 Creative Arts Poetry
William M. Reddy 1987 Humanities French History