Fellow Year Category Field of Study
May Sarton 1954 Creative Arts Poetry
Giovanni Sartori 1978 Social Sciences Political Science
Louis Furman Sas 1940 Humanities Medieval Literature
Tomiyo Sasaki 1983 Creative Arts Video & Audio
Aki Sasamoto 2019 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Ronald L. Sass 1964 Natural Sciences Chemistry
Evelyn Satinoff 1987 Natural Sciences Neuroscience
Peter Satir 1972 Natural Sciences Molecular and Cellular Biology
Michael L. Satlow 2007 Humanities Religion
Hiroshi Sato 1966 Natural Sciences Applied Mathematics
Ryuzo Sato 1974 Social Sciences Economics
Abe Satoru 1963 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Beryl Satter 2015 Humanities U.S. History
David Satter 1984 Creative Arts General Nonfiction
Tina Satter 2020 Creative Arts Drama and Performance Art
Richard A. Satterlie 2002 Natural Sciences Organismic Biology & Ecology
Paul Sattler 2006 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Carl O. Sauer 1931 Social Sciences Geography and Environmental Studies
John A. Sauer 1959 Natural Sciences Physics
Kenneth Sauer 1976 Natural Sciences Chemistry