Fellow Year Category Field of Study
John Carisi 1979 Creative Arts Music Composition
Sherwin Carlquist 1973 Natural Sciences Plant Sciences
Ann Carlson 2003 Creative Arts Choreography
Harry G. Carlson 1966 Humanities Theatre Arts
John Carlson 2012 Natural Sciences Neuroscience
Marvin A. Carlson 1968 Humanities Theatre Arts
Mary Carlson 1993 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Richard Raymond Carlson 1959 Natural Sciences Physics
Thomas A. Carlson 1966 Natural Sciences Physics
Marvin Carmack 1949 Natural Sciences Chemistry
E. A. Carmean Jr. 1978 Humanities Fine Arts Research
T. Carmi 1987 Creative Arts Poetry
Calum Carmichael 1981 Social Sciences Law
Ian Carmichael 1992 Natural Sciences Earth Science
Manfredo Perdigao do Carmo 1965 Natural Sciences Mathematics
Manfredo Perdigao do Carmo 1968 Natural Sciences Mathematics
Francis J. Carmody 1948 Social Sciences Medieval Literature
Rudolf Carnap 1952 Humanities Philosophy
Donald S. Carne-Ross 1962 Humanities Italian Literature
Jack Carnell 1988 Creative Arts Photography
Judith A. Carney 2004 Social Sciences Geography and Environmental Studies