Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Murli H. Manghnani 1986 Natural Sciences Earth Science
Jerre Mangione 1945 Creative Arts General Nonfiction
Iñigo Manglano-Ovalle 2009 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Robert P. Mangold 1969 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Peppino Mangravite 1932 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Peppino Mangravite 1936 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Alberto Manguel 2004 Creative Arts General Nonfiction
Sarah Manguso 2012 Creative Arts General Nonfiction
Ralph Manheim 1971 Humanities German and Scandinavian Literature
Héctor Manjarrez 1973 Creative Arts Fiction
Frank Manley 1966 Humanities Renaissance History
Frank Manley 1978 Humanities Renaissance History
John F. Manley 1974 Social Sciences Political Science
John H. Manley 1954 Natural Sciences Physics
Lawrence Manley 1985 Humanities English Literature
Rachel Manley 2001 Creative Arts Biography
Alfred Mann 1958 Humanities Music Research
Alfred K. Mann 1981 Natural Sciences Physics
David E. Mann 1957 Natural Sciences Chemistry
Emily Mann 1983 Creative Arts Drama and Performance Art
Golo Mann 1951 Humanities Intellectual and Cultural History
Kristin Mann 2002 Humanities African Studies