Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Victoria Redel 2014 Creative Arts Fiction
Melvin W. Reder 1954 Social Sciences Economics
Bruce Redford 1993 Humanities English Literature
Marcus Rediker 1988 Humanities U.S. History
Dewey Redman 2002 Creative Arts Music Composition
Lauren Redniss 2012 Creative Arts General Nonfiction
María Cristina Redondo 2001 Social Sciences Law
Byron Herbert Reece 1952 Creative Arts Fiction
Byron Herbert Reece 1957 Creative Arts Fiction
Spencer Reece 2005 Creative Arts Poetry
Arden Reed 2006 Humanities Fine Arts Research
Christopher A. Reed 1998 Natural Sciences Chemistry
David Reed 1988 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Edward S. Reed 1994 Social Sciences Psychology
H. Owen Reed 1948 Creative Arts Music Composition
Henry H. Reed 1960 Architecture, Planning and Design
Ishmael Reed 1975 Creative Arts Fiction
James D. Reed 1970 Creative Arts Poetry
John R. Reed 1970 Humanities English Literature
John R. Reed 1983 Humanities English Literature
John Shelton Reed 1977 Social Sciences Sociology
Kit Reed 1964 Creative Arts Fiction