Fellow Year Category Field of Study
James Ferrell 1959 Humanities Slavic Literature
Ada Ferrer 2018 Humanities European and Latin American History
Rafael Ferrer 1977 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Pat Ferrero 1982 Creative Arts Film
Ramón Ferreyra Huerta 1950 Natural Sciences Plant Sciences
Emil Ferris 2021 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Gordon Floyd Ferris 1925 Natural Sciences Plant Sciences
Michael C. Ferris 2001 Natural Sciences Applied Mathematics
Timothy Ferris 1986 Natural Sciences Science Writing
William Ferris 2007 Humanities Folklore and Popular Culture
Walter Ferro 1972 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Ismael Ferrusquía-Villafra 1984 Natural Sciences Earth Science
Anne D. Ferry 1973 Humanities English Literature
David Ferry 1996 Creative Arts Poetry
Herman Feshbach 1954 Natural Sciences Physics
Diana Festa-McCormick 1980 Humanities French Literature
Andrew Fetler 1978 Creative Arts Fiction
Paul Fetler 1953 Creative Arts Music Composition
Paul Fetler 1960 Creative Arts Music Composition
Frank W. Fetter 1937 Social Sciences Economics
John Francis Fetzer 1980 Humanities German and Scandinavian Literature