Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Constantinos A. Patrides 1960 Humanities English Literature
Constantinos A. Patrides 1963 Humanities English Literature
Robert L. Patten 1980 Humanities English Literature
Sharon Patten 1988 Humanities Fine Arts
Merle D. Pattengill 1985 Natural Sciences Chemistry
Annabel M. Patterson 1983 Humanities Literary Criticism
Bryan Patterson 1951 Natural Sciences Earth Science
Bryan Patterson 1954 Natural Sciences Earth Science
Christian Patterson 2013 Creative Arts Photography
James T. Patterson 1968 Humanities U.S. History
Lee Patterson 1987 Humanities Medieval Literature
Orlando Patterson 1978 Social Sciences Sociology
Samuel C. Patterson 1984 Social Sciences Political Science
Robert Pattison 1986 Humanities English Literature
Walter T. Pattison 1957 Humanities Spanish and Portuguese Literature
Jim Paul 1994 Creative Arts Biography
L. A. Paul 2014 Humanities Philosophy
Martin A. Paul 1957 Natural Sciences Chemistry
Rodman W. Paul 1967 Humanities U.S. History
Sherman Paul 1963 Humanities American Literature
William Paul 1959 Natural Sciences Physics
Carlos de Paula Couto 1949 Natural Sciences Earth Science
Carlos de Paula Couto 1951 Natural Sciences Earth Science
Carlos de Paula Couto 1966 Natural Sciences Earth Science