Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Thor Hanson 2014 Natural Sciences Science Writing
Saar Harari 2008 Creative Arts Choreography
Zoltán Haraszti 1965 Humanities U.S. History
Alfred Harbage 1953 Humanities English Literature
Alfred Harbage 1965 Humanities English Literature
Arnold C. Harberger 1957 Social Sciences Economics
John Harbison 1977 Creative Arts Music Composition
Robert D. Harbison 1977 Humanities Fine Arts Research
Garman Harbottle 1957 Natural Sciences Chemistry
Helen Hardacre 2003 Humanities Religion
Paul H. Hardacre 1957 Humanities British History
Marvin Harden 1983 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Russell Hardin 1996 Social Sciences Political Science
Davis P. Harding 1950 Humanities English Literature
John Harding 1983 Creative Arts Photography
Paul Harding 2010 Creative Arts Fiction
O. B. Hardison Jr. 1963 Humanities English Literature
Jorge E. Hardoy 1959 Humanities Architecture, Planning and Design
Jorge E. Hardoy 1967 Humanities Architecture, Planning and Design
Charley D. Hardwick 1973 Humanities Religion
Elizabeth Hardwick 1948 Creative Arts Fiction
Dave Hardy 2018 Creative Arts Fine Arts