Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Victor W. Laurie 1969 Natural Sciences Chemistry
Shirley Lauro 1985 Creative Arts Drama and Performance Art
Ann Lauterbach 1986 Creative Arts Poetry
Dorianne Laux 2001 Creative Arts Poetry
Victor LaValle 2010 Creative Arts Fiction
Beatriz Rosario Lavandera 1977 Humanities Linguistics
Leo S. Lavatelli 1957 Natural Sciences Physics
Arthur LaVelle 1968 Natural Sciences Neuroscience
David Sievert Lavender 1961 Humanities U.S. History
David Sievert Lavender 1968 Humanities U.S. History
Irving Lavin 1968 Humanities Fine Arts Research
Mary Lavin 1959 Creative Arts Fiction
Mary Lavin 1961 Creative Arts Fiction
Maud K. Lavin 2005 Humanities Fine Arts Research
Mario Lavista 1987 Creative Arts Music Composition
Asunción Lavrin 2001 Humanities Iberian and Latin American History
Standish D. Lawder 1972 Creative Arts Film
James R. Lawler 1974 Humanities French Literature
Traugott Lawler 1983 Humanities Medieval Literature
Deborah Lawrence 2009 Natural Sciences Plant Sciences
George H. M. Lawrence 1954 Natural Sciences Plant Sciences
Jacob Lawrence 1945 Creative Arts Fine Arts