Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Nelson Manrique 1994 Humanities Iberian and Latin American History
Clyde L. Manschreck 1960 Humanities Religion
Harvey C. Mansfield Jr. 1970 Social Sciences Political Science
Leo Manso 1982 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Rolf R. Mantel 1979 Social Sciences Economics
Frank E. Manuel 1957 Humanities Intellectual and Cultural History
David Manzur Londoño 1961 Creative Arts Fine Arts
David Manzur Londoño 1962 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Douglas Mao 2004 Humanities English Literature
M. Brian Maple 1984 Natural Sciences Physics
Dillon E. Mapother 1960 Natural Sciences Physics
J. Patrice Marandel 1987 Humanities Fine Arts Research
Jon Marans 2013 Creative Arts Drama and Performance Art
Guadalupe Maravilla 2019 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Stephen Marc 2021 Creative Arts Photography
Emile Marcelin 1957 Humanities Folklore and Popular Culture
Pierre Marcelin 1951 Creative Arts Fiction
James W. Marchand 1957 Humanities German and Scandinavian Literature
Leslie A. Marchand 1967 Humanities English Literature
Leslie A. Marchand 1979 Humanities English Literature
Ezio Marchi 1969 Natural Sciences Mathematics
Maria Luiza Marcílio 1994 Humanities Iberian and Latin American History