Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Andrew Weaver 2008 Natural Sciences Earth Science
Deke Weaver 2014 Creative Arts Drama and Performance Art
Lois Weaver 2014 Creative Arts Drama and Performance Art
Mary Anne Weaver 2004 Creative Arts General Nonfiction
William Weaver 1979 Humanities Theatre Arts
Alex Webb 2007 Creative Arts Photography
Charles Harper Webb 2001 Creative Arts Poetry
Herschel Webb 1965 Humanities East Asian Studies
Patrick Webb 2016 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Robert K. Webb 1959 Humanities British History
Robert K. Webb 1973 Humanities British History
S. David Webb 1972 Natural Sciences Earth Science
Stephen Saunders Webb 1982 Humanities U.S. History
Todd Webb 1955 Creative Arts Photography
Todd Webb 1956 Creative Arts Photography
Walter Prescott Webb 1938 Humanities U.S. History
Walter Prescott Webb 1954 Humanities U.S. History
Watt Wetmore Webb 1974 Natural Sciences Applied Mathematics
Anna Webber 2018 Creative Arts Music Composition
Edwin Jack Webber 1953 Humanities Spanish and Portuguese Literature
Joan Webber 1965 Humanities English Literature
Ben Brian Weber 1950 Creative Arts Music Composition
Ben Brian Weber 1952 Creative Arts Music Composition
Carl Jefferson Weber 1944 Humanities English Literature