Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Thomas H. Johnson 1952 Humanities American Literature
Walter Johnson 2010 Humanities U.S. History
Walter G. Johnson 1957 Humanities German and Scandinavian Literature
Walter G. Johnson 1964 Humanities German and Scandinavian Literature
Wendell Stacy Johnson 1965 Humanities English Literature
William W. Johnson 1958 Creative Arts Biography
Charles S. Johnson Jr. 1972 Natural Sciences Chemistry
James S. Johnson Jr. 1958 Natural Sciences Chemistry
Noah R. Johnson Jr. 1962 Natural Sciences Chemistry
Terry W. Johnson Jr. 1960 Natural Sciences Plant Sciences
Ben Johnston 1959 Creative Arts Music Composition
Bill Johnston 2013 Humanities Translation
Bruce F. Johnston 1962 Social Sciences Economics
Harold S. Johnston 1960 Natural Sciences Chemistry
Herrick L. Johnston 1933 Natural Sciences Chemistry
Ivan M. Johnston 1932 Natural Sciences Plant Sciences
Kenneth Richard Johnston 1990 Humanities English Literature
W. Denis Johnston 1954 Creative Arts Drama and Performance Art
Ynez Johnston 1952 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Iain M. Johnstone 1997 Natural Sciences Statistics
Steven Johnstone 2004 Humanities Classics