Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Ashvin Vishwanath 2014 Natural Sciences Physics
Gauri Viswanathan 1990 Humanities South Asian Studies
Stephen Vitiello 2011 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Jeffrey S. Vitter 1986 Natural Sciences Computer Science
Jorge M. Vivanco 2007 Natural Sciences Plant Sciences
Arturo Vivante 1985 Creative Arts Fiction
Eliseo Vivas 1939 Humanities Philosophy
Gregory Vlastos 1950 Humanities Philosophy
Gregory Vlastos 1958 Humanities Philosophy
Charles Frederick Voegelin 1947 Social Sciences Anthropology and Cultural Studies
Eric Herman Wilhelm Voegelin 1950 Social Sciences Political Science
Eric Herman Wilhelm Voegelin 1955 Social Sciences Political Science
Ezra F. Vogel 1971 Social Sciences Sociology
Paula Vogel 1995 Creative Arts Drama and Performance Art
William Vogt 1943 Natural Sciences Organismic Biology & Ecology
Karel Vohnout 1976 Natural Sciences Organismic Biology & Ecology
Dan Voiculescu 1996 Natural Sciences Mathematics
Ellen Bryant Voigt 1978 Creative Arts Poetry
Connie Voisine 2021 Creative Arts Poetry
Harold Ernest Vokes 1940 Natural Sciences Earth Science
Alexis Volborth 1965 Natural Sciences Earth Science
Marjorie Jean Vold 1953 Natural Sciences Chemistry