Fellow Year Category Field of Study
James B. Thompson Jr. 1963 Natural Sciences Earth Science
Judith Jarvis Thomson 1986 Humanities Philosophy
Virgil Thomson 1960 Creative Arts Music Composition
William Tyrrell Thomson 1961 Natural Sciences Engineering
Reidar Thomte 1954 Humanities Philosophy
Melanie Rae Thon 2016 Creative Arts Fiction
Carl E. Thoresen 1973 Social Sciences Psychology
Charles B. Thorn III 1986 Natural Sciences Physics
J. Philip Thornber 1976 Natural Sciences Plant Sciences
Edward H. Thorndike 1987 Natural Sciences Physics
David Thorne 2009 Creative Arts Film
Kip S. Thorne 1967 Natural Sciences Astronomy and Astrophysics
Melissa Thorne 2021 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Nicholas C. K. Thorne 1982 Creative Arts Music Composition
Samuel E. Thorne 1948 Social Sciences Law
Samuel E. Thorne 1951 Social Sciences Law
Samuel E. Thorne 1956 Social Sciences Law
Joseph Thornton 2014 Natural Sciences Molecular and Cellular Biology
Lawrence Thornton 1988 Creative Arts Fiction
Leslie Thornton 2013 Creative Arts Film - Video
Robert Donald Thornton 1958 Humanities English Literature
J. Mills Thornton III 1978 Humanities U.S. History