Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Karen Lawrence 1989 Humanities English Literature
Vera Brodsky Lawrence 1976 Humanities Music Research
Deana Lawson 2013 Creative Arts Photography
Ruth C. Lawson 1956 Social Sciences Political Science
Thomas Lawson 2009 Creative Arts Fine Arts
H. Blaine Lawson Jr. 1983 Natural Sciences Mathematics
Carol Lawton 2006 Humanities Classics
Richard G. Lawton 1978 Natural Sciences Chemistry
Benjamin Lax 1981 Natural Sciences Applied Mathematics
Bentley Layton 1979 Humanities Near Eastern Studies
Billy Jim Layton 1963 Creative Arts Music Composition
David Lazar 2015 Creative Arts General Nonfiction
Zachary Lazar 2009 Creative Arts Fiction
Robert Lazarsfeld 1998 Natural Sciences Mathematics
David Lazarus 1968 Natural Sciences Physics
Gerald S. Lazarus 1986 Natural Sciences Medicine and Health
Richard S. Lazarus 1969 Social Sciences Psychology
An-My Lê 1997 Creative Arts Photography
thúy thi diem lê 2004 Creative Arts Fiction
Jacques G. C. Le Clercq 1930 Creative Arts Fiction