Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Caroline Weber 2020 Creative Arts Biography
Donald Weber 2007 Creative Arts Photography
Elisabeth Weber 1998 Humanities French Literature
Eugen Weber 1963 Humanities German and East European History
Gregorio Weber 1970 Natural Sciences Molecular and Cellular Biology
Joseph Weber 1955 Natural Sciences Physics
Joseph Weber 1962 Natural Sciences Physics
Martín Weber 1998 Creative Arts Photography
Samuel Weber 1991 Humanities Literary Criticism
Grady Linder Webster 1964 Natural Sciences Plant Sciences
James Webster 1992 Humanities Music Research
Richard Allen Webster 1966 Humanities Italian Literature
Susan Verdi Webster 2011 Humanities Fine Arts Research
Dixon Wecter 1942 Humanities U.S. History
Dixon Wecter 1943 Humanities U.S. History
Michael V. Wedin 2001 Humanities Philosophy
Dorothy Walcott Weeks 1949 Natural Sciences Physics
Janis C. Weeks 1996 Natural Sciences Neuroscience
Marianne Weems 2017 Creative Arts Drama and Performance Art
Johannes Weertman 1970 Natural Sciences Earth Science
Julia R. Weertman 1986 Natural Sciences Applied Mathematics
Anna Weesner 2009 Creative Arts Music Composition