Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Guy F. J. de Téramond 1986 Natural Sciences Physics
Charles de Tolnay 1948 Humanities Fine Arts Research
Charles de Tolnay 1949 Humanities Fine Arts Research
Charles de Tolnay 1953 Humanities Fine Arts Research
Jan de Vries 1978 Humanities Economic History
Dirk de Waard 1963 Earth Science
J. M. J. de Wet 1969 Natural Sciences Plant Sciences
Fernando A. de Zayas y Munos 1959 Organismic Biology & Ecology
Istvan Deak 1970 Humanities German and East European History
Borden Deal 1957 Creative Arts Fiction
Joe Deal 1983 Creative Arts Photography
David W. Deamer 1986 Natural Sciences Organismic Biology & Ecology
Carolyn J. Dean 1997 Humanities French History
Laura Dean 1976 Creative Arts Choreography
Laura Dean 1981 Creative Arts Choreography
Ruth J. Dean 1948 Humanities Medieval Literature
Warren Dean 1980 Humanities Iberian and Latin American History
Herbert A. Deane 1960 Social Sciences Political Science
Michael James Dear 1988 Social Sciences Geography and Environmental Studies
Peter R. Dear 2000 Humanities History of Science and Technology
Vinton Adams Dearing 1959 English Literature
Luciano Debeljuk 1987 Natural Sciences Neuroscience
Pablo G. Debenedetti 1991 Natural Sciences Engineering