Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Osvaldo Alfredo Reig 1963 Natural Sciences Earth Science
Osvaldo Alfredo Reig 1970 Natural Sciences Earth Science
Peter Hanns Reill 1978 Humanities German and East European History
Charles Norwood Reilley 1961 Natural Sciences Chemistry
Martin Rein 1978 Social Sciences Sociology
Leticia Reina 2004 Humanities Iberian and Latin American History
Erica Reiner 1974 Humanities Near Eastern Studies
Irving Reiner 1962 Natural Sciences Mathematics
Stuart Reiner 1973 Humanities Music Research
Frederick Reines 1957 Physics
Ad Reinhardt 1967 Creative Arts Fine Arts
William P. Reinhardt 1977 Natural Sciences Chemistry
William H. Reinmuth 1966 Natural Sciences Chemistry
Eustáquio J. Reis 1993 Social Sciences Economics
Jay Reise 1979 Creative Arts Music Composition
Benjamin Reiss 2015 Humanities American Literature
Edward L. Reiss 1965 Natural Sciences Applied Mathematics
Howard Reiss 1978 Natural Sciences Chemistry
Timothy J. Reiss 1990 Humanities French Literature
Eric Reissner 1962 Natural Sciences Applied Mathematics
Stanley Reiter 1960 Social Sciences Economics