Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Willard Thorp 1966 Humanities American Literature
James Thorpe 1949 Humanities Literary Criticism
James Thorpe 1965 Humanities Literary Criticism
Peter L. Thorslev Jr. 1966 Humanities Literary Criticism
Douglas Y. Thorson 1966 Social Sciences Economics
Morgan Thorson 2010 Creative Arts Choreography
Thomas L. Thorson 1962 Social Sciences Political Science
John H. Thow 1986 Humanities Music Composition
Donald S. Thrall 1955 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Henry Threadgill 2003 Creative Arts Music Composition
Leslie L. Threatte Jr. 1981 Humanities Classics
Cleon Throckmorton 1935 Humanities Theatre Arts
Norman J. W. Thrower 1963 Social Sciences Geography and Environmental Studies
Sylvia L. Thrupp 1944 Humanities Medieval Literature
Roy Thurston 2017 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Fei-Ran Tian 2003 Natural Sciences Mathematics
Roger Tibbetts 1999 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Robert Tibshirani 1994 Natural Sciences Statistics
George A. Tice 1973 Creative Arts Photography
Harold K. Ticho 1966 Natural Sciences Physics
Harold K. Ticho 1973 Natural Sciences Physics
Leonid Michael Tichvinsky 1956 Natural Sciences Engineering