Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Jacques G. C. Le Clercq 1930 Creative Arts Fiction
Elisabeth Le Guin 2019 Humanities Music Research
Julio Le Riverend Brusone 1946 Humanities Iberian and Latin American History
Robert J. Le Roy 1979 Natural Sciences Chemistry
Barry Le Va 1974 Creative Arts Fine Arts
David W. Lea 2002 Natural Sciences Earth Science
Sydney Lea 1987 Creative Arts Poetry
Eleanor Winsor Leach 1976 Humanities Classics
Wilford Leach 1972 Creative Arts Drama and Performance Art
William R. Leach 1984 Humanities U.S. History
Robert B. Leachman 1955 Natural Sciences Physics
Zachary Leader 2009 Creative Arts Biography
Alexander Leaf 1971 Natural Sciences Medicine and Health
L. Gary Leal 1976 Natural Sciences Engineering
John Jota Leaños 2012 Creative Arts Film - Video
Armando Federico Leanza 1962 Natural Sciences Organismic Biology & Ecology
Héctor A. Leanza 1989 Natural Sciences Earth Science
Jonathan D. Lear 1987 Humanities Philosophy
T. J. Jackson Lears 1984 Humanities U.S. History
David Leavitt 1989 Creative Arts Fiction