Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Ward Sykes Allen 1972 Humanities English Literature
Walter Allen Jr. 1945 Humanities Classics
Jorge E. Allende 1966 Natural Sciences Molecular and Cellular Biology
Jorge E. Allende 1971 Natural Sciences Molecular and Cellular Biology
Rudolf Allers 1958 Humanities Philosophy
Henry E. Allison 1985 Humanities Philosophy
Paul D. Allison 1986 Social Sciences Sociology
Samuel K. Allison 1935 Natural Sciences Physics
April Alliston 2000 Humanities French Literature
Thomas T. Allsen 2002 Humanities East Asian Studies
Natalia Almada 2008 Creative Arts Film
Harry Almela 2009 Creative Arts Poetry
Juan Almela 2001 Creative Arts Poetry
Michael Almereyda 2005 Creative Arts Film
Wolfhard Almers 1984 Natural Sciences Molecular and Cellular Biology
Frederick J. Almgren Jr. 1974 Natural Sciences Mathematics
Luis R. Almodóvar 1969 Natural Sciences Plant Sciences
Mindy Aloff 1990 Humanities Dance Studies
Amado Alonso 1951 Humanities Spanish and Portuguese Literature
Angela Alonso 2009 Social Sciences Sociology
José Alonso 1945 Creative Arts Fine Arts
José Alonso 1946 Creative Arts Fine Arts