Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Saul S. Weinberg 1941 Humanities Fine Arts Research
Saul S. Weinberg 1942 Humanities Fine Arts Research
Martin Weinberger 1958 Humanities Fine Arts Research
Howard D. Weinbrot 1988 Humanities English Literature
Annette B. Weiner 1979 Social Sciences Anthropology and Cultural Studies
Bernard Weiner 1969 Social Sciences Psychology
Charles Weiner 1970 Humanities History of Science and Technology
Herbert Weiner 1972 Social Sciences Psychology
Jerome H. Weiner 1965 Natural Sciences Engineering
Joan Weiner 2000 Humanities Philosophy
Jonathan Weiner 2008 Natural Sciences Science Writing
Joshua Weiner 2013 Creative Arts Poetry
Lawrence Weiner 1994 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Myron Weiner 1961 Social Sciences Political Science
Louis Weingarden 1973 Creative Arts Music Composition
Rudolph H. Weingartner 1965 Humanities Philosophy
Steven M. Weinreb 1983 Natural Sciences Chemistry
Max Weinreich 1955 Humanities Linguistics
Max Weinreich 1956 Humanities Linguistics
Uriel Weinreich 1959 Humanities Linguistics
David Weinrib 1968 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Ittai Weinryb 2019 Humanities Fine Arts Research