Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Dana Reitz 1982 Creative Arts Choreography
Raulino Reitz 1954 Natural Sciences Plant Sciences
Raulino Reitz 1968 Natural Sciences Plant Sciences
Paisley Rekdal 2014 Creative Arts Poetry
Henry H. H. Remak 1967 Humanities German and Scandinavian Literature
Joachim Remak 1965 Humanities German and East European History
Amy G. Remensnyder 2001 Humanities Medieval History
Charles L. Remington 1958 Natural Sciences Organismic Biology & Ecology
Deborah Remington 1984 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Robert V. Remini 1978 Humanities U.S. History
Louis P. Remsberg Jr. 1973 Natural Sciences Chemistry
Richard Renaldi 2015 Creative Arts Photography
Elisha P. Renne 2012 Humanities African Studies
Rosângela Rennó 1999 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Eric Rentschler 1990 Humanities German and Scandinavian Literature
John D. Reppy 1972 Natural Sciences Physics
John D. Reppy 1979 Natural Sciences Physics
John W. Reps 1958 Humanities Architecture, Planning and Design
Thomas W. Reps 2000 Natural Sciences Computer Science
Nicholas Rescher 1970 Humanities Philosophy
Robert A. Rescorla 1984 Social Sciences Psychology
Carl P. Resek 1968 Humanities U.S. History