Fellow Year Category Field of Study
William Leavitt 1998 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Anne LeBaron 1991 Creative Arts Music Composition
Jessie LeBaron 2003 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Hugues Leblanc 1965 Humanities Philosophy
Norman R. Lebovitz 1977 Natural Sciences Astronomy and Astrophysics
Barbara Lebow 1997 Creative Arts Drama and Performance Art
Joel L. Lebowitz 1976 Natural Sciences Physics
Naomi Lebowitz 1972 Humanities Literary Criticism
Takie S. Lebra 1995 Social Sciences Anthropology and Cultural Studies
Rico Lebrun 1935 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Rico Lebrun 1937 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Rico Lebrun 1962 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Suzanne Lebsock 1988 Humanities U.S. History
Elizabeth LeCompte 2008 Creative Arts Drama and Performance Art
Thomas Lectka 2003 Natural Sciences Chemistry
Maurice A. Lecuyer 1968 Humanities French Literature
Leigh Ledare 2017 Creative Arts Photography
Leon M. Lederman 1958 Natural Sciences Physics
Gabriel Fernández Ledesma 1942 Creative Arts General Nonfiction
Waclaw Lednicki 1955 Humanities Russian History
Waclaw Lednicki 1956 Humanities Russian History
John P. LeDonne 1986 Humanities Russian History
Barry Ledoux 1992 Creative Arts Fine Arts