Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Gary J. Marker 2007 Humanities Russian History
Wallace Markfield 1965 Creative Arts Fiction
Gregory J. Markopoulos 1970 Creative Arts Film
Vladimir Markov 1963 Humanities Slavic Literature
Richard S. Markovits 1988 Social Sciences Law
Georges Markow-Totevy 1961 Humanities French Literature
Elaine Marks 1992 Humanities French Literature
Tobin J. Marks 1989 Natural Sciences Molecular and Cellular Biology
Victoria Marks 2005 Creative Arts Choreography
Hazel Rose Markus 1983 Social Sciences Psychology
Lawrence Markus 1963 Natural Sciences Mathematics
Peter Robert Marler 1964 Natural Sciences Organismic Biology & Ecology
Christian Marois 2020 Natural Sciences Astronomy and Astrophysics
Mark Maroncelli 2001 Natural Sciences Chemistry
Luis Marone 2003 Humanities Philosophy
Arthur F. Marotti 1975 Humanities English Literature
René Marqués 1954 Creative Arts Fiction
Pablo A. Marquet 2006 Natural Sciences Organismic Biology & Ecology
Francisco Márquez-Villanueva 1981 Humanities Spanish and Portuguese Literature
John C. Marr 1963 Natural Sciences Organismic Biology & Ecology