Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Madison Jones 1973 Creative Arts Fiction
Matthew L. Jones 2012 Humanities History of Science, Technology and Economics
R. Victor Jones 1960 Natural Sciences Physics
Rodney Jones 1985 Creative Arts Poetry
Russell Lewis Jones 1972 Natural Sciences Plant Sciences
Susan D. Jones 2017 Humanities History of Science, Technology and Economics
Thom Jones 1994 Creative Arts Fiction
Vaughan F. R. Jones 1986 Natural Sciences Mathematics
W. J. Jones 1968 Social Sciences Law
W. T. Jones 1958 Humanities Philosophy
William D. Jones 1988 Natural Sciences Chemistry
William E. Jones 1999 Creative Arts Film
William O. Jones 1952 Social Sciences Economics
Albert R. Jonsen 1995 Humanities Intellectual and Cultural History
Michael Joo 1998 Creative Arts Fine Arts
David Joravsky 1964 Humanities Russian History
A. Van Jordan 2007 Creative Arts Poetry
Henry Donaldson Jordan 1930 Humanities English Literature
John Emory Jordan 1958 Humanities English Literature
Kenneth D. Jordan 1981 Natural Sciences Chemistry