Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Alan David Weinstein 1985 Natural Sciences Mathematics
Alexander Weinstein 1954 Natural Sciences Mathematics
Alexander Weinstein 1955 Natural Sciences Mathematics
Arnold Weinstein 1965 Creative Arts Drama and Performance Art
Barbara Weinstein 1998 Humanities Iberian and Latin American History
Michael A. Weinstein 1974 Social Sciences Political Science
Roy Weinstein 1969 Natural Sciences Physics
Bernard Weinstock 1957 Natural Sciences Chemistry
Stanley Weintraub 1968 Humanities English Literature
Wiktor Weintraub 1953 Humanities Slavic Literature
Bruce S. Weir 1983 Natural Sciences Statistics
Catherine Weis 2002 Creative Arts Choreography
Gabriel Paul Weisberg 1982 Humanities Fine Arts Research
Richard H. Weisberg 1998 Social Sciences Law
William Ira Weisberger 1974 Natural Sciences Physics
Burton A. Weisbrod 1969 Social Sciences Economics
Hugo Weisgall 1955 Creative Arts Music Composition
Hugo Weisgall 1960 Creative Arts Music Composition
Hugo Weisgall 1966 Creative Arts Music Composition
Elizabeth Wilder Weismann 1944 Humanities Fine Arts Research
Elizabeth Wilder Weismann 1945 Humanities Fine Arts Research
Edward Ronald Weismiller 1943 Creative Arts Poetry
Edward Ronald Weismiller 1947 Creative Arts Poetry
Adolph Weiss 1932 Creative Arts Music Composition
David Loeb Weiss 1973 Creative Arts Film