Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Frederic B. Fitch 1945 Humanities Philosophy
James Marston Fitch 1976 Humanities Architecture, Planning and Design
Gilbert C. Fite 1964 Humanities U.S. History
Frances FitzGerald 2009 Creative Arts General Nonfiction
Robert Fitzgerald 1952 Creative Arts Poetry
Robert Fitzgerald 1971 Creative Arts Poetry
Constantine FitzGibbon 1966 Creative Arts General Nonfiction
Sheila Fitzpatrick 1987 Humanities Russian History
James A. Fitzsimmons 1948 Creative Arts Photography
David Fiuczynski 2011 Creative Arts Music Composition
Robert Fizdale 1981 Creative Arts Biography
Jack D. Flam 1979 Humanities Fine Arts Research
Douglas Flamming 2012 Humanities United States History
John T. Flanagan 1943 Humanities American Literature
Thomas B. Flanagan 1963 Humanities English Literature
John B. Flannagan 1932 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Kent V. Flannery 1981 Social Sciences Anthropology and Cultural Studies
Richard E. Flathman 1983 Social Sciences Political Science
Stanley Martin Flatté 1975 Natural Sciences Earth Science
John G. Fleagle 1982 Social Sciences Anthropology and Cultural Studies
John Fleischman 2005 Natural Sciences Science Writing