Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Maryanne Amacher 1997 Creative Arts Video & Audio
Santos Primo Amadeo 1940 Social Sciences Political Science
Santos Primo Amadeo 1941 Social Sciences Political Science
Ana Amado 2010 Humanities Literary Studies
Luis V. Amador 1953 Natural Sciences Medicine and Health
Peter H. Amann 1963 Humanities French History
Aracy A. Amaral 1977 Humanities Fine Arts Research
Olga de Amaral 1973 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Priyanga Amarasekare 2021 Natural Sciences Biology
Vinay Ambegaokar 1983 Natural Sciences Physics
Rob Amberg 1990 Creative Arts Photography
William R. Amberson 1927 Natural Sciences Medicine and Health
Ernest Ambler 1962 Natural Sciences Physics
Warren Ambrose 1947 Natural Sciences Mathematics
Isadore Amdur 1955 Natural Sciences Chemistry
Takeshi Amemiya 1975 Social Sciences Economics
Gregory A. Amenoff 2011 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Maynard A. Amerine 1953 Natural Sciences Molecular and Cellular Biology
Jonathan Ames 1999 Creative Arts Fiction
Michael M. Ames 1970 Social Sciences Anthropology and Cultural Studies
Cristian Amigo 2006 Creative Arts Music Composition