Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Ruth W. Kennedy 1930 Humanities Fine Arts Research
Susan Estabrook Kennedy 1978 Humanities U.S. History
W. Keith Kennedy 1955 Natural Sciences Plant Sciences
William F. Kennedy 1959 Social Sciences Economics
William J. Kennedy 1987 Humanities Italian Literature
X. J. Kennedy 1973 Creative Arts Poetry
Charles F. Kennel 1987 Natural Sciences Astronomy and Astrophysics
Hugh Kenner 1956 Humanities Literary Criticism
Hugh Kenner 1963 Humanities Literary Criticism
Richard L. Kenney 1984 Creative Arts Poetry
Sylvia W. Kenney 1963 Humanities Music Research
Geraldine A. Kenney-Wallace 1983 Natural Sciences Chemistry
Shirley Strum Kenny 1976 Humanities English Literature
Dale V. Kent 2001 Humanities Italian History
Raymond K. Kent 1969 Humanities African Studies
Sherman Kent 1947 Social Sciences Political Science
Jane Kenyon 1992 Poetry
Robert O. Keohane 1992 Social Sciences Political Science
Gyorgy Kepes 1960 Humanities Architecture, Planning and Design
Philip Keppler Jr. 1960 Humanities Music Research
Linda K. Kerber 1990 Humanities U.S. History