Fellow Year Category Field of Study
George K. Anderson 1945 Humanities Folklore and Popular Culture
Guy I. Anderson 1975 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Herbert L. Anderson 1955 Natural Sciences Physics
James L. Anderson 1960 Natural Sciences Physics
Jervis B. Anderson 1978 Creative Arts General Nonfiction
John K. Anderson 1966 Humanities Classics
John L. Anderson 1982 Natural Sciences Engineering
John M. Anderson 1958 Natural Sciences Organismic Biology & Ecology
John S. Anderson 1965 Creative Arts Fine Arts
John S. Anderson 1966 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Jon Anderson 1976 Creative Arts Poetry
Kinsey A. Anderson 1959 Natural Sciences Astronomy and Astrophysics
Laurie Anderson 1982 Creative Arts Film
Lennart Anderson 1983 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Margaret Lavinia Anderson 2008 Humanities German and East European History
Ray Anderson 2001 Creative Arts Music Composition
Stanford Anderson 1969 Humanities Architecture, Planning and Design
Stephen R. Anderson 1988 Humanities Linguistics
T. J. Anderson 1988 Creative Arts Music Composition
Theodore W. Anderson 1946 Natural Sciences Statistics
Thomas F. Anderson 1955 Natural Sciences Molecular and Cellular Biology