Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Arturo Torres-Rioseco 1932 Humanities Spanish and Portuguese Literature
Roberto Torretti 1974 Humanities Philosophy
Roberto Torretti 1980 Humanities Philosophy
Henry C. Torrey 1964 Natural Sciences Physics
John G. Torrey 1965 Natural Sciences Plant Sciences
Norman L. Torrey 1932 Humanities French Literature
Norman L. Torrey 1954 Humanities French Literature
Alejandro Tortolero Villaseño 2001 Humanities Iberian and Latin American History
Héctor Tosar 1946 Creative Arts Music Composition
Héctor Tosar 1960 Creative Arts Music Composition
Vicente G. Toscano 1962 Natural Sciences Chemistry
Kenneth S. Toth 1965 Natural Sciences Physics
Stephen E. Toulmin 1975 Humanities Philosophy
Stephen Tourlentes 2000 Creative Arts Photography
Oscar Touster 1957 Natural Sciences Molecular and Cellular Biology
Guillermo Tovar de Teresa 1985 Humanities Fine Arts Research
Oscar Tovar Serpa 1959 Natural Sciences Plant Sciences
Oscar Tovar Serpa 1960 Natural Sciences Plant Sciences
Harold Tovish 1967 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Joan Tower 1977 Creative Arts Music Composition
Charles H. Townes 1955 Natural Sciences Physics
Camilla Townsend 2010 Humanities Iberian and Latin American History
Julian Towster 1950 Social Sciences Political Science
Marta Traba 1968 Humanities Fine Arts Research