Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Gary Schneider 2013 Creative Arts Photography
Ira Schneider 1977 Creative Arts Video & Audio
Isidor Schneider 1934 Creative Arts Poetry
Isidor Schneider 1936 Creative Arts Poetry
Jerry A. Schneider 1976 Natural Sciences Medicine and Health
Katy Schneider 2004 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Robert A. Schneider 1995 Humanities French History
Theodore C. Schneirla 1944 Social Sciences Psychology
Theodore C. Schneirla 1945 Social Sciences Psychology
Howard J. Schnitzer 1983 Natural Sciences Physics
Leo F. Schnore 1974 Social Sciences Sociology
Thomas D. Schocken 1958 Humanities Architecture, Planning and Design
Richard J. Schoeck 1967 Social Sciences Law
William R. Schoedel 1976 Humanities Religion
Richard M. Schoen 1996 Natural Sciences Mathematics
David Schoenbaum 1974 Humanities German and East European History
Samuel Schoenbaum 1956 Humanities English Literature
Samuel Schoenbaum 1969 Humanities English Literature
Thomas W. Schoener 1992 Natural Sciences Organismic Biology & Ecology
Mark Schoenfield 2017 Humanities English Literature
Robert E. Schofield 1959 Humanities History of Science and Technology
Robert E. Schofield 1967 Humanities History of Science and Technology
John Luther Schofill Jr. 1974 Creative Arts Film
Per Fredrik Scholander 1969 Natural Sciences Medicine and Health