Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Robert V. Wells 1977 Humanities U.S. History
Roger Hewes Wells 1927 Social Sciences Political Science
Rulon Seymour Wells 1951 Humanities Philosophy
Sam Wells 2003 Creative Arts Film
Tom Wells 2011 Creative Arts General Nonfiction
Alexander Welsh 1969 English Literature
John Henry Welsh 1952 Natural Sciences Molecular and Cellular Biology
Eudora Welty 1942 Creative Arts Fiction
Eudora Welty 1949 Creative Arts Fiction
Richard Wendorf 1988 Humanities English Literature
Tisa Wenger 2021 Humanities Religion
Ernest Wenkert 1965 Natural Sciences Chemistry
Robert Clark Wentworth 1966 Natural Sciences Engineering
Siegfried Wenzel 1968 Humanities Medieval Literature
Siegfried Wenzel 1982 Humanities Medieval Literature
Zena Werb 1985 Natural Sciences Molecular and Cellular Biology
Frank Simon Werblin 1974 Natural Sciences Neuroscience
Stanley Newman Werbow 1960 Humanities German and Scandinavian Literature
Otto Karl Werckmeister 1981 Humanities Fine Arts Research
Fabio Leoni Werneck 1942 Natural Sciences Organismic Biology & Ecology
Fabio Leoni Werneck 1943 Natural Sciences Organismic Biology & Ecology
David B. Werner 1977 Natural Sciences Medicine and Health
Eric Werner 1957 Humanities Music Research