Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Walter Abish 1981 Creative Arts Fiction
Mark Abley 2005 Creative Arts General Nonfiction
Mark J. Ablowitz 1983 Natural Sciences Mathematics
Ehab Abouheif 2017 Natural Sciences Molecular and Cellular Biology
Hans Abplanalp 1959 Natural Sciences Organismic Biology & Ecology
Bernard M. Abraham 1959 Natural Sciences Chemistry
Claude Abraham 1981 Humanities French Literature
Elihu Abrahams 1986 Natural Sciences Physics
Roger D. Abrahams 1965 Humanities Folklore and Popular Culture
Janet Abramowicz 1991 Humanities Fine Arts Research
Meyer H. Abrams 1957 Humanities Literary Criticism
Meyer H. Abrams 1960 Humanities Literary Criticism
Peter A. Abrams 2002 Natural Sciences Organismic Biology & Ecology
Ross Abrams 1951 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Héctor D. Abruña 1992 Natural Sciences Chemistry
Adam Abruzzi 1956 Natural Sciences Engineering
Janet L. Abu-Lughod 1976 Social Sciences Sociology
Lila Abu-Lughod 1996 Social Sciences Anthropology and Cultural Studies
Elsa Beatriz Abuin 1987 Natural Sciences Chemistry
Rodolfo Abularach 1959 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Rodolfo Abularach 1960 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Robert H. Abzug 2000 Humanities U.S. History