Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Andrew Chi-Chih Yao 1991 Natural Sciences Computer Science
David Da-Wei Yao 1991 Natural Sciences Applied Mathematics
Robert Yaris 1974 Natural Sciences Chemistry
Carolyn Yarnell 2004 Creative Arts Music Composition
Cecil Edmund Yarwood 1957 Natural Sciences Molecular and Cellular Biology
Karen Yasinsky 2002 Creative Arts Video & Audio
Donald A. Yates 2008 Creative Arts General Nonfiction
Pamela Yates 2008 Creative Arts Film
Reginald Yates 1999 Creative Arts Choreography
Richard Yates 1962 Creative Arts Fiction
Richard Yates 1980 Creative Arts Fiction
John Yau 2006 Creative Arts Poetry
Shing-Tung Yau 1980 Natural Sciences Mathematics
Stephen S.-T. Yau 2000 Natural Sciences Mathematics
Constantine G(eorge) Yavis 1951 Humanities Classics
Max Yavno 1953 Creative Arts Photography
Xiaogang Ye 2012 Creative Arts Music Composition
Clifton K. Yearley 1970 Humanities U.S. History
David Yearsley 2018 Humanities Music Research
Ruth B. Yeazell 1979 Humanities Literary Criticism
Robert A. Yelle 2006 Humanities Religion