Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Richard Rabinowitz 2015 Humanities Intellectual and Cultural History
Sherrie Rabinowitz 1999 Creative Arts Video & Audio
Norman Rabkin 1970 Humanities English Literature
Dioscoro S. Rabor 1950 Natural Sciences Organismic Biology & Ecology
Dioscoro S. Rabor 1956 Natural Sciences Organismic Biology & Ecology
Eduardo A. Rabossi 1968 Humanities Philosophy
Eduardo A. Rabossi 1991 Humanities Philosophy
Albert J. Raboteau 1990 Humanities Religion
James Z. Rabun 1950 Humanities U.S. History
Larry Racioppo 1997 Creative Arts Photography
Andre Racz 1956 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Ronald Radano 1997 Humanities Folklore and Popular Culture
Douglas Radcliff-Umstead 1974 Humanities Italian Literature
Hans Rademacher 1954 Natural Sciences Mathematics
Dean Rader 2019 Creative Arts Poetry
Ralph W. Rader 1972 Humanities Literary Criticism
Rafael Radi 2003 Natural Sciences Molecular and Cellular Biology
Iva Radivojevic 2015 Creative Arts Film - Video
Roy Radner 1961 Natural Sciences Statistics
Roy Radner 1965 Natural Sciences Statistics
Ed Radtke 1996 Creative Arts Film
Janice A. Radway 1986 Humanities American Literature
Mary Ann Radzinowicz 1982 Humanities English Literature