Fellow Year Category Field of Study
John Cage 1949 Creative Arts Music Composition
Corrado Cagli 1946 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Holger Cahill 1957 Creative Arts Fiction
James F. Cahill 1972 Humanities Fine Arts Research
John W. Cahn 1960 Natural Sciences Physics
Walter Cahn 1981 Humanities Fine Arts Research
Jin-Yi Cai 1998 Natural Sciences Computer Science
Stanley A. Cain 1940 Natural Sciences Plant Sciences
Christopher Caines 2006 Creative Arts Choreography
Scott Cairns 2006 Creative Arts Poetry
Charles Cajori 2001 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Eugenio Calabi 1962 Natural Sciences Mathematics
Louis Calabro 1954 Creative Arts Music Composition
Louis Calabro 1959 Creative Arts Music Composition
Teresa Caldeira 2012 Humanities Architecture, Planning and Design
William M. Calder III 1964 Humanities Classics
Damaris Calderón 2011 Creative Arts Poetry
Jesús Calderón 1982 Natural Sciences Molecular and Cellular Biology
Ben Caldwell 1970 Creative Arts Drama and Performance Art
David O. Caldwell 1971 Natural Sciences Physics
Richard Calendar 1979 Natural Sciences Molecular and Cellular Biology