Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Kate Fodor 2013 Creative Arts Drama and Performance Art
Victoria E. Foe 1990 Natural Sciences Molecular and Cellular Biology
Joshua Foer 2013 Creative Arts General Nonfiction
Aaron Fogel 1987 Humanities Literary Criticism
Seymour Fogel 1967 Natural Sciences Molecular and Cellular Biology
Aaron L. Fogelson 1999 Natural Sciences Applied Mathematics
Robert M. Fogelson 1973 Humanities U.S. History
Richard Harter Fogle 1950 Humanities Literary Criticism
Aaron Spencer Fogleman 2018 Humanities U.S. History
Mario Eusebio Foglio 1968 Natural Sciences Physics
Rodolfo Enrique Fogwill 2003 Creative Arts Fiction
A. S. Fokas 2009 Natural Sciences Applied Mathematics
Jaroslav T. Folda 1988 Humanities Fine Arts Research
Ernesto Foldats 1958 Natural Sciences Plant Sciences
Ernesto Foldats 1959 Natural Sciences Plant Sciences
Leslie L. Foldy 1953 Natural Sciences Physics
Helene P. Foley 1991 Humanities Classics
Henry M. Foley 1954 Natural Sciences Physics
John Miles Foley 1980 Humanities Folklore and Popular Culture
Neil Foley 2007 Humanities U.S. History
Robert Folkenflik 1979 Humanities English Literature