Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Dagfinn Follesdal 1978 Humanities Philosophy
Fausto Folquer 1955 Natural Sciences Plant Sciences
Fausto Folquer 1957 Natural Sciences Plant Sciences
Ed Folsom 2007 Humanities American Literature
William J. Foltz 1964 Social Sciences Political Science
Ron Fondaw 1985 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Eric Foner 1975 Humanities U.S. History
Nancy Foner 2017 Social Sciences Sociology
Grace S. Fong 2011 Humanities Literary Criticism
Wen Fong 1961 Humanities Fine Arts Research
Nina Fonoroff 1998 Creative Arts Film
Jorge Fons 1997 Creative Arts Film
Bill Fontana 1986 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Joseph Fontenrose 1958 Humanities Classics
Manuel da Costa Fontes 1984 Humanities Folklore and Popular Culture
Archibald Smith Foord 1949 Humanities British History
Archibald Smith Foord 1968 Humanities British History
Christopher S. Foote 1967 Natural Sciences Molecular and Cellular Biology
Shelby Foote 1955 Humanities U.S. History
Shelby Foote 1956 Humanities U.S. History
Shelby Foote 1959 Humanities U.S. History
Michael Foran 1978 Creative Arts Fine Arts
John F. Foran Jr. 1999 Social Sciences Sociology
Jack D. Forbes 1963 Humanities U.S. History